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  • Riptide - Ian's speech just when they are about to board the Blacklight.
    Ian: Today, we show this Autopilot just what humanity is capable of. *Looks at WALL•E* Whatever form that humanity comes in.
    • Blacklight's Autopilot has been deactivated. However, he manages to set off the self-destruction.
    • And they rip the Blacklight's bridge out of the ship to save the others.
    • And then we get this quote:
      Blacklight: I will return.
  • Black Plague - Buddy Forthright's plans are ruined by BOLT, who unleashes a superbark out of nowhere.
  • Swiftwind - When Pilot shuts off the bomb simply from GO-4's instructions.
  • Halloween - EVE and WALL•E dancing dressed up as characeters from Hello, Dolly!. Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Culture Crash - Morgan relating her similarities to the Quasar crew.
  • Dawn of Conflict - The Flintstrike soldiers are beaten easily by the crews of the Riptide and Nexus.
  • 2100: The Distant Past - Some say the WHOLE RP.
  • Possession - When Auto and BRIDGET start admitting their feelings for each other.
    • WALL•E trying to bring EVE back to life with a spark-kiss.
  • Ice Plague - When WALL•E says something along these lines
    WALL•E: Remember your "Directive!"
  • White Storm - Vanessa punching Vida in the face.
  • Blacklight Boot Camp - The reunion of the EVE probes.
    Lara: Take me with you.
  • Arrival: Azog uses Life to slice a space station in half.
  • Hundreds Of These Anniversaries!: The scene with Katana and Yuri on the Bridge. Also a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Ian and Blacklight meeting.
    • And Blacklight's reaction when he is given back his wheel.
  • Taken - After constantly mistreating the Blacklight Military, Katana puts aside the differences and decides to work with them.
  • Platform One - The moment when Bell and Katana agree to go to Negaverse together, knowing full well the latter will probably die and the former will be submitted to worse.
    • Yuri's epic speech/rant to the angry mob.
    • A bit more subtle, but when Aldrasio says to Reason that he doesn't know. Reason is a being of knowledge, and saying he doesn't know something is a huge punch to the gut.
  • Beware The Weeping Angel - The Reveal when they find out every single statue in the chamber is an Angel.
  • Breakfast at Auto's: The Sitcom - The moment where Auto and BRIDGET spark-kissing for two pages straight. Also doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • White Storm: Some time after being rescued, Catherine(who has yet to fully realize she's been turned into a CATH-E) sees Wallaby being threatened by some security droids. She then proceeds to activate her plasma cannon—almost without realizing it—and blasts the droids to kingdom come.