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  • Riptide - Ian's speech just when they are about to board the Blacklight.
    Ian: Today, we show this Autopilot just what humanity is capable of. *Looks at WALL•E* Whatever form that humanity comes in.
    • Blacklight's Autopilot has been deactivated. However, he manages to set off the self-destruction.
    • And they rip the Blacklight's bridge out of the ship to save the others.
    • And then we get this quote:
      Blacklight: I will return.
  • Black Plague - Buddy Forthright's plans are ruined by BOLT, who unleashes a superbark out of nowhere.
  • Swiftwind - When Pilot shuts off the bomb simply from GO-4's instructions.
  • Halloween - EVE and WALL•E dancing dressed up as characeters from Hello, Dolly!. Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Culture Crash - Morgan relating her similarities to the Quasar crew.
  • Dawn of Conflict - The Flintstrike soldiers are beaten easily by the crews of the Riptide and Nexus.
  • 2100: The Distant Past - Some say the WHOLE RP.
  • Possession - When Auto and BRIDGET start admitting their feelings for each other.
    • WALL•E trying to bring EVE back to life with a spark-kiss.
  • Ice Plague - When WALL•E says something along these lines
    WALL•E: Remember your "Directive!"
  • White Storm - Vanessa punching Vida in the face.
  • Blacklight Boot Camp - The reunion of the EVE probes.
    Lara: Take me with you.
  • Arrival: Azog uses Life to slice a space station in half.
  • Hundreds Of These Anniversaries!: The scene with Katana and Yuri on the Bridge. Also a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Ian and Blacklight meeting.
    • And Blacklight's reaction when he is given back his wheel.
  • Taken - After constantly mistreating the Blacklight Military, Katana puts aside the differences and decides to work with them.
  • Platform One - The moment when Bell and Katana agree to go to Negaverse together, knowing full well the latter will probably die and the former will be submitted to worse.
    • Yuri's epic speech/rant to the angry mob.
    • A bit more subtle, but when Aldrasio says to Reason that he doesn't know. Reason is a being of knowledge, and saying he doesn't know something is a huge punch to the gut.
  • Beware The Weeping Angel - The Reveal when they find out every single statue in the chamber is an Angel.
  • Breakfast at Auto's: The Sitcom - The moment where Auto and BRIDGET spark-kissing for two pages straight. Also doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • White Storm: Some time after being rescued, Catherine(who has yet to fully realize she's been turned into a CATH-E) sees Wallaby being threatened by some security droids. She then proceeds to activate her plasma cannon—almost without realizing it—and blasts the droids to kingdom come.
  • Several in Unmasked
    • Korinna had mere minutes to think of a plan to rescue the EP crew from the ambush and still manages it.
    • After Korinna confesses her betrayal to her and her crew, Brad attempts to execute her on the spot. Catherine's having none of it.
    (After two failed attempts at telling him to back off) "THAT'S AN ORDER!"
    • Korinna throwing herself under the bus while Catherine's asking Blacklight for reinforcements to help rescue the GDA, despite believing Blacklight would execute her at first opportunity, solely because she knows Catherine won't be able to hide it from him forever, and confessing now would give him more reason to help, whereas hiding it would risk him abandoning them when he found out.
    • As she and Korinna are rescuing the captured humans, Korinna ends up getting captured, which the other GDA members, bitter from her betrayal, rejoice. Catherine reams them out for being happy at the death of someone who's risking everything to save them, turns around and blasts down the patrol bots that had approached them, and, with minimal hesitation, breaks away from the group and heads in the direction Korinna was taken.
    • During a fight with reinforcements while Brad and Mother Nature are helping rescue the robots, Pan and Persephone get scared and flee the scene. While separated, they encounter a CATH-E conversion chamber and are able to rescue one of them, Carsten, with only their wits and what few abilities they have before Mother Nature finds them.
    • On his way to rendezvous with Mother Nature after hearing their children have been found, Brad comes across Korinna being held captive by two patrol bots while Adam attempts to break her into thinking she'll have nowhere to go if she chooses to leave WE because no-one will completely accept her. Now realizing his hasty reaction was wrong, Brad shoots down the patrol bots holding Korinna before flying down and grabbing her, whacking Adam upside the head with his wing on the way back up.
    • During her search, Catherine encounters Adam, who's still reeling from the encounter with Brad, and doesn't hesitate to ambush him and start grilling him about Korinna's whereabouts. Bonus points for her augmentations allowing her to No-Sell his telepathy.
    • After trying to escort Carsten home only for his family to have been conned into thinking him brainwashed into a WE spy, Catherine reads them the riot act for rejecting a family member.
    • Wallaby getting the idea to show Korinna's rescue and confessions via a memory projector to the naysayers in an attempt to convince them that Korinna really has had a change of heart, and Brad opting to do the same with what would have been Korinna's final words had Brad gone ahead with his own execution(which Wallaby skipped because his focus was more on Catherine).