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Awesome: Volle
A few noteworthy moments include:
  • In Prisoner's Release and Other Stories:
    • Jonas' final conversation with Dixan. Jonas was given a pendant by Alexan before he died, which his brother Dixan attempts to buy off him for a insultingly small amount. Jonas refused, so Dixan turned to trying to hurt Jonas's reputation as well as the livelihood of his friends. After one of these attempts at intimidation almost kills one of his friends, Jonas eventually sends Dixan an ultimatum: pay a huge amount in reparation, or the pendant ends up at the bottom of a muddy river. Jonas's threat is so convincing that Dixan eventually has to sacrifice the rent for his office as well as to borrow from his secretary in order to get the pendant back.
  • In Pendant of Fortune:
  • In Shadow of the Father:
    • When Yilon actually manages to form an alliance with the Shadows, showing them that foxes and mice can get along, from Yilon and Sinch's example.

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