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!!From the series
* When Logan took a baseball bat to a police car in order to be arrested so he could beat the crap out of a guy who had been arrested for trying to attack Veronica.
* Keith Mars has his crowning moment during [[spoiler: Aaron Echolls']] murder trial. [[spoiler: Aaron's]] lawyer tries to discredit Veronica's testimony by making snide remarks about her sexual life and reputation. Keith finally loses it, snatches the lawyer's tie, pulls the lawyer towards himself and [[PapaWolf calmly advises him to be more restrained in making statements regarding his daughter]].
* Keith again in the season one final [[spoiler: when he WALKED THROUGH FIRE to save Veronica who was locked in a fridge.]] Dad of the freakin year or what?
* Even Sheriff Lamb gets one, in season 2 [[spoiler:when Veronica and Duncan break into Meg's house to discover evidence of child abuse, and find her little sister is kept in the closet by her parents. Sheriff Lamb only pretends to arrest them, and lets them go once out of sight of the house.]]
--> "Funny, I remember my father giving a speech exactly like that."
* Logan fooling his father into having to give a substantial amount of money to a homeless shelter.
* She may be a tiny character, but Meg's slutty little sister Lizzie owning Meg's asshole ex in "Like a Virgin." Don't you love sisterly love?
-->'''AH Ex:''' You were always immature.
-->'''Lizzie:''' Funny, according to her purity test, you were always premature.
* In the third season/series finale, [[spoiler:Logan beats the snot out of & publicly humiliates Gory Sorokin, who was responsible for posting a not-sex-tape featuring Veronica online. Whilst the fact the guy Logan assaulted had family ties to the mob (and Logan is aware of them) is pretty awesome on it's own, it's the dialogue afterwards that truly elevates it to [=CMoA=] status:]]
--> [[spoiler:'''Gory''': ''[lying on the ground, bleeding from the mouth]'' Whoever you are, you're gonna die.]]''
--> [[spoiler:'''Logan''': Yeah. Someday.]]''
** And the movie reveals that several years later, Logan is in fact alive and well, serving in the Navy.
* Also concerning Logan, in "Weapons of Class Destruction", [[spoiler:Veronica is talking on her cell phone with him, when a suspect in her current case gets in her car and, at gunpoint, tells her to drive to a motel. Unbeknownst to the suspect, Logan is still on the line after Veronica puts her phone down and he makes out the name of the motel. He then manages to beat them to the motel, pull the suspect off Veronica and proceeds to beat the shit out of him.]]
* Logan again, this time in "Ahoy Mateys", [[spoiler: The Fitzpatricks are about to tattoo Veronica's face. Logan waltzes in, on the phone to the cops. This doesn't faze the bad guys, so Logan pulls out a gun.]]
--> '''Logan''': "I've had a very bad year.''
** Best thing about this? [[spoiler: The gun isn't even loaded.]]
* Samuel Pope, Season Two business class teacher. Veronica tells him that he needs to dump stock to a certain company and why. His response? "You don't dump it, Veronica. You sell it...to somebody else. I'd just be sticking some other sucker with the consequences. I don't think I can live with that." Crowning. Moment. Of AWESOME. God, it hurts, though.
* Season one, where Logan heard Veronica being kidnapped by [[spoiler:the federal agent]] and saves her with a sucker punch. The [[spoiler:kiss afterwards]] was icing on the cake. Really awesome icing.
* The scene in 3x09 where Parker realizes [[spoiler: Mercer is the rapist]]. She yells "RAPE!" and all of the guys on the floor come out of their rooms. Partially awesome because of the fact that she's confronting her rapist, partially because it saves Veronica and partially because all the guys come out ready to kick his ass when she yells.
* Everything Veronica does in "Clash Of The Tritons" -- [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzVYYrGZfG4 especially her choice of song to the bad guy of the week]].
* One woman -- a teenage girl to boot -- against an entire group of bikers? Guess who pwns who.
* Wallace tackles [[spoiler:Lucky]] in "Happy Go Lucky."
* The moment where Logan tackles [[spoiler: Beaver]] in "Not Pictured." Also the moment before, when he shows up and screams [[BigNo "No!"]] when [[spoiler: Beaver says to Veronica, "What do you wanna bet I can get him convicted for the death of this teenage girl?"]]
* Duncan [[SympatheticMurderer orders]] the [[spoiler:assassination of Aaron Echolls]] in "Not Pictured." There was much cheering. Of course, when one realizes that this happened right after Logan [[ThouShaltNotKill talked Veronica down]] from [[spoiler: shooting Cassidy]], Duncan's cold attitude puts him right up there with the rest of the ruthless characters and this becomes straight NightmareFuel.
* ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKIueFw7wJ0 "No, I loved him!!"]]'' This is more of a Crowner for Francis Capra, because... damn, the man can ''act.''
* The reunion between Alyson Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter, with the ''Buffy'' fans finally getting to see Willow beat Cordelia in SnarkToSnarkCombat.
* Say what you will about the man, but Aaron Echolls being the tar out of Trina's abusive boyfriend was very satisfying.
* Veronica verbally lambasting a JerkJock in ''Hot Dogs'' when he prank calls the victim of the week pretending to have found her kidnapped dog. She tears into him, shuts him down when he tries to talk back ("Shut up! If I want you to speak I'll wave a snausage over your nose.") and generally cements her characterisation as an unwilling-but-fierce champion of the underdog.
* The entire resolution to ''Clash of the Tritons'', from Veronica busting the secret society ("Say 'repressed homosexuality'!") to her realisation of the real culprit, and her amazing setup to catch him, which includes having him deliver himself and an incriminating envelope full of money to the sheriff's station. The best part? She proves the money is incriminating because it still has the message she wrote on it before she gave it to Lamb for use in the sting, which she asks him to read: "Veronica Mars is...smarter than me."
* Veronica catching the pizza-boy mugger in Versatile Toppings. He turns out not the be the blackmailer from the main Case of the Week, so she has no further use for him, but he's still a mugger, so after he asks if he can go home we get an AnswerCut to Deputy Sachs, who pulls up to find the mugger taped to a lampost with an envelope stuck to him saying "Confession Inside".
* Veronica's showdown with [[spoiler: Tim Foyle, the real killer of Dean O'Dell, who framed Professor Landry and inadvertently caused the death of three more people. Awesome in part because it's the only arc finale where Veronica isn't in danger and scrambling for her life. She realises when he tells her criminology class how 'Professor Landry' committed the crime - she notices a flaw in the story, then gradually asks him leading questions to unpick the story and eventually accuses him with the actual facts. Aside from being an excellent scene for both actors, it's an awesome display of Veronica's quick thinking and smarts.]]
* In ''The Rapes of Graff'', Veronica throwing a cup of beer over a jerk-y frat boy who corners her at a party to tally her 'points' (i.e. how much she'd be worth for a frat brother who had sex with her, in the frat-wide game they're playing). When he tries to throw a beer over her, she catches his hand and tips it back on him. Then, as she's leaving the party, she sees him doing to same to some other girl, so she tases him. As a kicker, [[RuleofThree his beer spills over him as he falls]] and the girl he was talking to just laughs and steps over his twitching body.
* Jackie standing up for herself in ''Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough'' when the entire school thinks her dad blew up the bus, taking their abuse at the dunking stand with her head held high, and snarking back as well as Veronica herself. ("We all saw her lurking around!" "'Lurking'? You mean 'standing while black'?")
** [[spoiler: Weevil stealing the money and getting away with it. Veronica knowing that Weevil stole the money and letting him get away with it. Weevil knowing that Veronica knew that he stole the money and knowing that she would let him get away with it.]]
* The episode ''My Mother, My Fiend'' begins with Vice Principal Van Clemmons sentencing Veronica to do some filling within the school's records. This leads to Veronica finding a file about her mother, investigating a story about a student giving birth during prom, finding out the identity of the baby and [[spoiler: finding out that the principal was the baby's father. It turns out that the entire episode was orchestrated by Van Clemmons in order to get promoted to principal himself.]]

!!From the movie
* The Kickstarter project to help fund TheMovie [[https://twitter.com/kickstarter/status/311918388962287617 breaking the record for fastest to reach a million dollars]], reaching the mark in four hours and 24 minutes. It hit the ''[[UpToEleven two million]]'' mark in a touch over 11 hours. 1 day down, 29 days to go...
** After the 30 days were up: $5,702,153 million dollars donated, and 91,583 fans (breaking the previous record of 87,000) sent in those donations. And Creator/WarnerBrothers said there wasn't enough fan support to make the movie...
* The Comic Con sneak peek features a moment we've been waiting for since the character first appeared: [[spoiler:Veronica punches Madison in the face. And she goes down instantly.]]
** [[spoiler:Made all the sweeter given the reason she beats her down: Madison, in the awards ceremony, declares that Veronica wins the award for "Longest To Come," complete with footage of the now famous sex tape. Wallace, Logan, Piz, Mac, Weevil, and even ''Dick'' all look ready to shove their fists down her throat on Veronica's behalf.]]
* Veronica escaping from [[spoiler: Cobb by calling his cellphone number just before he's about to find her hiding place, and taking him by surprise with her taser]].
* Logan rescuing [[spoiler: Keith just before the car can come back to finish him off.]]
* Meta-CMOA for Kristen Bell: It was ''seven years'' since she had last played Veronica, but she picks it up again like it was yesterday.
* The moment Keith Mars threatens a violent police officer right in the middle of a true-blue act of police brutality ... with a smartphone. It isn't exactly a guns blazing, send-in-the-damn cavalry moment, but it is just so amazingly relevant and moving to see Keith effing Mars threatening police corruption with what cops in 201X hate and fear the most: exposure.
* The entire very last scene: Weevil is forced [[spoiler: to ride with a biker gang again because of his legal troubles, Keith is recovering from a major attempt on his life, Veronica has left the promise of a successful law career behind, and Logan is off flying fighter jets over the ocean just two weeks after her reunion with him]]... but after nearly twelve years of indecision, this is where Veronica has finally decided she belongs.
-->'''Veronica:''' ''[narration]'' My name is Veronica, and I am an addict.