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Awesome: Valvrave the Liberator
  • Haruto's Curb-Stomp Battle against the enemy mecha in the first episode. Once he gets the Valvrave working, he takes them out in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, the entire battle is being broadcast online, and the viewer is treated to the chatroom dialogue of people watching, and going insane with joy once Haruto wins and unknowingly reveals himself as the pilot.
  • In espisode 2, Haruto wakes up in L-elf's body, and realizes that he needs to get Valvrave back and recover his old body back. What does he do? He uses all of L-elf's skills to their utmost, and slaughters the enemy soldiers with absolutely no hesitation or remorse in order to recover both of them. Say what you will about him outside of combat, but when Haruto gets serious, shit gets real.
  • L-Elf in episode 3. All of it.
  • Shoko, first willing to go as far as strip to prove her sincerity in the information she heard while not revealing the source, due to a promise, to get the student council's support and finally inciting a rebellion among the school populace when they looked to be stuck without options in episode 4. Screwing up even L-Elf's "Prophecy".
  • Raizo gets one for holding onto Yusuke as he's hanging while fixing the power system. While his arm is still injured and bleeding from his bullet wound
    • In the same episode, his and Yusuke's efforts pretty much save the entire module. This was at a point when things were seriously looking like they were going to become a carbon copy of the second half of Guilty Crown or perhaps even Infinite Ryvius. Which, for those of you who haven't seen those works, IS NOT A GOOD THING.
  • In episode 6, after Saki recovers from a momentary fear-induced breakdown thanks to some silly but surprisingly effective encouragement from Shoko, she calls for transmitting the battle to a worldwide audience, makes full use of her Valvrave's speed and goes all out against the Dorssia forces while simultaneously reaffirming her desire to become famous and get back at those who hurt her in the past.
  • Pretty much every single thing L-Elf does in episode 7.
  • L-Elf again in Episode 8. In one move, he thwarts both ends of the Dorssians' two pronged attack.
  • Kyuma and Raizo activating their own Valvrave units and kicking ass with them in episode 9.
  • The entirety of Episode 12 is this for Cain, who out-gambits EVERYONE and defeats several of the heroes on his own.
    • Akira gets her moment too in that episode. With Shoko in mortal danger, Akira finally leaves her room, finds a Valvrave, and manages to save Shoko and kick some major ass with it. "SUPERMARKET!"
  • Episode 13 is a massive one for Cain, as he proceeds to kick the living shit out of Haruto with Unit 02.
  • Episode 14 features The entire Earthfall crew surviving their craft turning into a giant meteorite and crashing into Dorssian territory.
  • Dorssia shows that they are not fucking around in Episode 15 by deploying the new Kirschbaum units, the "Children of the Valvraves". One shot from the main cannon of it proceeds to tear Thunder's Valvrave in half.
    • Also in that episode, it takes only two Valvraves to bring down the Ideal Blume when L-Elf's plan called for three. Kyuma basically one-shots the thing thanks to the power of the Familiars.
  • Episode 16. Marie's skills as the original test pilot and Unit 1's full power are, to the truest definition of the word, awesome.
  • Episode 17: Haruto ERUPTS A VOLCANO to wipe out the Dorssian forces.
  • Episode 19: L-Elf finally manages to one-up Cain, even just a little.
  • Episode 21 gives a grand example with Inuzuka's Heroic Sacrifice. Jesus Christ, this guy's death was probably one of the most noble things to occur in this show. Inuzuka stays behind while his co-pilots and the remaining students escape, having lost both of his shields, and he decides to get cracking. Not only does he save Haruto and L-Elf by himself, he does so against THREE Kirschbaums, who have been shown to be equal in power to a fully-equipped Valvrave, not even to mention that by the time Inuzuka goes on the offensive his Valvrave has no armaments left and has lost half it's limbs. Even so he still tears them apart, gets his Valvrave bisected and responds by simply charging through and exploding violently, wiping out the Kirschbaum and whatever is left of the Dorssio-ARUS fleet.
  • Episode 22 has a few. First, Haruto is able to use the Light of Rune, and then he and L-Elf finally come to an understanding and both snap out of their respective Heroic BSOD. Finally, while they're standing together, ready to fight for their new goal, Dorssian mechs show up, with them helpless, standing on the moon in space suits-neither one of them is the least bit afraid, though they probably should be. Then Saki shows up and rescues them like a badass.
  • Episode 23. Haruto and co completely turn the PR war around by revealing to the world that the Dorssian Fuhrer was one of the monsters he was supposedly trying to wipe out and revealing to the world that their demonetization and invasion of new JIOR was part of a greater conspiracy. After seeing the smug faces of The Omniscient Council of Vagueness sitting around acting like they'd won, having their secrets outed to the world and the heroes revealing them was an unimaginably joyous experience.
    • L-Elf charging at Amadeus, in slow motion, slashing and gunning down his bodyguards before lunging at his throat.
    • The entire battle in space-the Valvraves are really at the top of their game, even able to drop several Kirschbaums. Q-Vier versus Thunder is great, as well as all of Haruto's actions and Akira's hacking.
  • Cain shitstomping Akira, Haruto, X-Eins and A-Drei without breaking a sweat in Episode 24.
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