Awesome / Vagrant Story

  • From one of the opening scenes:
    Callo Merlose: It's far to dangerous!. We must wait for reinforcements!
    Ashley Riot: Reinforcements? I am the reinforcements. (Cue rousing orchestral theme.)
  • Sydney Losstarot gets a scene of his own - the opening scene, in fact, where Ashley shoots him dead with a crossbow before he has much time to react... only for Sydney to stand up, casually remove the crossbow bolt from his chest, and then summon a dragon before taking off.
    • Sydney Losstarot's scene with Jan Rosencrantz deserves a mention too:
    Jan Rosencrantz: (slashes Sydney's arm off) Then keep your immortality. Here, let me lighten your burden! Ah ha ha ha! ... Hah, heh...what?
    Sydney Losstarot: (stands, picks up his arm, and sticks it back on) I gave my limbs to the gods. Perhaps I will add yours to the offering!