Awesome / Unregistered

  • As we're introduced to the series, we see a goofy kid eating a watermelon stupidly. This is NOT because he is stupid. He is attacked by two people, and while barely trying, effortlessly takes them down without even trying.
  • The scene early on when Lance takes down a Carrier without any magic or stimulants, just by being that hardcore.
    • "I'm a motherfuckin' one man army."
  • When the characters are fully given control over Leviathan's portal abilities. He starts out by 1 hit killing a monster the size of a house, then to run past an entire army. He uses it to redirect an incredibly high level beam aimed at him right back at the source, allowing him to do damage way outside his power range.
    • Around the same timeframe, not to be outdone, Lance uses his windmagic to take down a horde of enemies that would have taken them hours to finish. In approximately 13 seconds.
  • At the end of Act 3, when Ashley Totora takes down a very sadistic Auditor in the battle exams. He was clearly playing to win, and not to assess, because he was literally flabbergasted to lose. Ashley took him down any ways.