Awesome: Universal Soldier

  • Our introduction to the Unisols, demonstrates just how Awesome these guys are:
    • They are inserted into the outermost perimeter of their area of operations via helicopter, a mile and a half upriver. They swim, upriver, in under four and a half minutes. UP RIVER IN FOUR AND A HALF MINUTES. They're goddamn fishes!
    • Devereaux, Scott and the rest of their fireteam infiltrate Hoover Dam, by climbing up the side of one of the towers, via rope; using nothing but sheer upper body strength. They're so badass they're not even using their legs. While still soaking wet and hauling their field packs with them.
    • They take out armed guards with suppressed weapons without anyone knowing they're there, and using specialized headsets called interceptors, they are able to fool the other terrorists present that there isn't anything wrong and patrols are just going fine.
    • Devereaux & Scott make their way into the dam by fast rope running down the face of the Hoover Dam and pretty much killing any and all of the patrolling guards that stand in their way, all the while remaining unseen and unheard.
    • GR-74, one of the Unisols in the fireteam; makes his way into the dam, dressed up as one of the dam's maintenance team. He gets into range of the terrorists, and gets lit up like the Fourth of July, getting nailed in the chest with heavy semi-automatic rifle fire. As soon as Devereaux and the others get into range and start taking out the other terrorists, GR-74 gets back up, pulling out a handgun out of the toolbox He was carrying, and delivers a killing headshot to the lead terrorist.
    • Mission complete, all without a single damn civilian causality on their end, which the same can't be said for the Las Vegas Police Department and their SWAT Team.
  • It is an unspoken requirement, that in order to become a Unisol, outside of that whole death thing; is that you have to be an incredible badass.
    • Devereaux & Scott were Special Forces before they became Unisols, and with the exception of the Unisols born in a lab through genetic engineering, all of the Unisols are some kind of elite infantry or Special Forces badass.
    • Despite how incredibly crappy it is to be a Unisol, they only select the best of the best to become even more incredibly badass.
  • The entire fight between Devereaux and the first clone of Andrew Scott. Extra points for performing a craniectomy, with a pipe and a shotgun.
  • "You're discharged, Sarge."
  • The NGU hunting down the first-generation Unisols sent in after him. He knows the terrain better then they do. He's faster, stronger and a hell of a lot tougher then them. Curbstomp Battle is an understatement.
  • The last standing Unisol vs. the NGU. The last standing Unisol lands blows on the NGU that stagger and actually wear his opponent out. He even lasts a lot longer then the others, who ended up being stabbed in the brain, repeatedly in the torso and impaled on a giant industrial hook. He wore down the NGU to such an extent, that the NGU had to stop and breathe for a bit after he broke his neck, collarbone, and part of his spine. Yeah, that's rather awesome, even though the Unisol died.
  • The NGU's introduction. The NGU is a One Man Army.
  • Andrew Scott's first clone awakening to his true nature, and proceeding to pound the General's head into mush. As much as you felt sympathy for the scum, it felt oddly cathatric watching him meet his end. It got even better when Scott took care of his handler, who treated Scott like he was an inferior child.
  • Devereaux infilitrating the terrorist camp at Chernobyl and laying waste to at least a company-sized force of battle-hardened mercenaries. He does so with a frankengun M16, an automatic pistol, a combat knife and good ol' fashioned fisticuffs backed by superhuman strength.
  • Devereaux's cafe brawl, in the first movie. The man is trying to eat. He hasn't eaten real food in ages, having his dietary needs taken care of by a high-concentrate nutritional supplement. Manages to kick the shit out of every tough guy in the cafe without breaking a sweat and goes back to eating.
  • Devereaux and Scott's fight at the end of the first Universal Soldier. Scott has the advantage, having jacked himself up on Muscle Booster, granting him levels of superhuman strength, toughness and speed that surpass Devereaux. The tables get turned on Scott when Devereaux injects himself with Scott's second hypoderm of Muscle Booster. Curbstomp Battle ensues.
  • Devereaux vs the NGU. Spans the last 15 minutes of the movie or so. Takes both combatants all over the Chernobyl complex. Devereaux is clearly outmatched by the NGU on many levels, but Devereaux is fueled by his determination to get the job done, with the concentrated Muscle Booster pushing him past his limits. In the end, Devereaux impales the NGU with the detonator charge for the reactor explosives, and they both fall out of the reactor, dropping some hundred or so feet down onto the ground. The NGU removes the detonator, only for it to blow him apart at the last second. Devereaux is now free of control, and runs off into the night.
  • Opening brothel slaughter in Day of Reckoning.
  • The hotel fight, highway chase, and sporting goods store brawl between John and Magnus the Plumber, the NGU clone.
  • John's berserker rage after they try to remove his memories of his fake life. It starts with him killing another Unisol with a fucking hammer. a HAMMER. And then another one by just stomping on him, followed by him wiping the floor with an assload of Unisols, and the ensuing fight between John and Andrew Scott's second clone and finally Devereaux.
  • Scott 3.0's speech to Magnus after He frees him from government control:
    "From this moment on, you are no longer a slave to the government. From this moment on, your mind is your own. From this moment on, you will seek vengeance from your oppressors. Freedom is yours."
    • Pretty damn rousing and badass, considering how the Unisols are pretty much nothing more then nigh-unstoppable toy soldiers that the US Government uses for their black ops work.
  • Scott's speech in Day of Reckoning.
    Scott: We live among them like ghosts, biding our time... waiting for the moment, when our oppressors SHALL BE FORCED TO KNEEL BEFORE US!!! AND PAY FOR THEIR SINS!!!! THE DAY! OF! RECKONING!!!
  • All fights between Deveraux and Romeo in The Return.
  • The battle scene between 4 UniSols and the US army in The Return. The fact that Tim Skold's Chaos plays on the background makes it even more awesome.
    Squid: Well, that's gotta hurt! *chuckles*