Awesome / Ulysses 31

  • In the first episode, Ulysses takes on the Cyclops' monks alone with his energy sword and shield, and quickly figures out how to turn the Cyclops' beam against itself.
  • Ulysses is one hell of an Ace Pilot. In "Mutiny on Board", he takes on a whole army of Tridents and their carrier while in a Race Against the Clock to save the Odysseus from being crashed into space reef by said carrier and the Brainwashed and Crazy companions. After shooting down quite a few of the pursuing Tridents, he pulls an impressive Wronski Feint to send the remaining ones crash into the carrier's launching bay (where they came from), which causes the carrier to implode and crash on the space reef, ridding the Odysseus of a great danger once more.
  • Ulysses fighting the Minotaur in "Lost in the Labyrinth". The creature is much bigger and stronger than he is, yet he fearlessly attacks it with his Laser Blade.
  • In "At the Heart of the Universe", the titan Atlas awakens and prevents the collapsing of the whole universe.