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Awesome: Ultimate X-Men
  • Does no-one think the opening issue was totally Badass? The massive fight with the Sentinels? Cyclops was a super badass here. He reveals his Visor isn't solely press button to use, he can activate it by clicking his fingers and takes out a full Sentinel with it. Ultimate Cyclops has a lot of Badassery, moments later too.
  • Kitty, during the war and battle against the nimrods, takes command and proves herself to be the The Leader of Mutantkind.
  • Wolverine, in a bid to remove his rival for Jean's affections, stabs Cyclops and leaves him to bleed out and die. BUT, Cyclops is Not Quite Dead, comes back, and blasts Wolverine with a very strong optic blast, and says: "You're off the team." A very nice Take That, Scrappy! moment.
  • Dazzler. Just plain Dazzler. Take a character oft-considered one of the handful of scrappy X-Characters, give her an update that still kept her grounded in music and then add her to the X-Men as the oft-unwilling member of the team, and give her plenty of quips? Amazing. She arguably contributed to a push to start using the 616 version again.

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