Awesome: Ultimate Fantastic Four

  • This from the President Thor arc.
    Ben Grimm: That suit gets powered by whatever super heroes you're surrounded by, right?
    Super-Skrull: Naturally.
    Ben Grimm: So what happens when the last guy alive doesn't have any super-powers?
    Super-Skrull: Ah.
    Ben Grimm: Exactly. It's CLOBBERING TIME!
  • Ben flooring Zombie Hulk in one attack.
  • Doom's response to being sent to the zombie Universe:
    Doom: Hmph. This could be a challenge.
  • Good rule of thumb - if Warren Ellis is writing a comic starring Ultimate Reed Richards, expect him to do something cool/impressive.
    • Like judo-flip Victor van Damme with superpowers van Damme knew nothing about.
    • Or shoot Annihilus in the face.