Awesome / Twisted

  • Danny telling off Archie for costing the soccer team the game by not passing to him in Episode 4:
  • Doubles as heartwarming: Danny and Jo doing their "funny dance" at the Fall Festival.
  • Danny, Jo and Lacey managing to avoid getting seriously busted by the security guard with a totally made-up story about him being infatuated with an older woman.
  • Chief Masterson's recent instances of Genre Savvy lead him to digging deeper on the murder weapon allegedly used by Danny to kill Regina. Along the way, he finds concrete proof that the private investigator, Marilyn, is up to a lot of no good.
  • In Sins of the Father, everything Kyle does. With evidence that Danny didn't kill Regina, his methods of interrogation to the cover up suspects are just satisfying to watch.
  • In Danny Indemnity, Lacey adroitly skewers a person trying to make nice to Danny:
    Man at Charity Event: It is a failing of our justice system when an innocent boy can be just hounded for weeks. Carolyn and I never thought you were guilty.
  • Danny needs to get Karen's attention at the charity auction. He does it in the most epic way he possibly could: By one-upping her bid on a painting...from six hundred to ten-thousand!