Awesome / Twin Of Twins

Awesome moments from the Twin Of Twins' Stir It Up series:
  • Mr. Muta's response to Ras Whitey's implied racism and I Know Karate claim:
    Ras Whitey: If you think that you're bigger and badder than me, walk to me now—I'll show you my Eagle's Claws of Shaolin! (does some showing off)
    Mr. Muta: Wha? Oh, that was your Eagle's Claws of Shaolin? That was your Eagle's Claws of Shaolin! All right, mi a show you sup'm now. BAREFOOT STYLE O' JAMAICA, BWOY! (ass-kicking and studio destruction commences)
    • Not to mention tackling a demon-possessed Beenie Man takes balls.
  • Dear Pastor gets a moment by performing an exorcism on Beenie Man in studio.