Awesome / Turtles Forever

  • The original poster. I mean, WOW!
  • Guess who it is that saves the all of reality, the turtles? No, Bebop and Rocksteady. Also counts as the Crowning Moment of Funny.
    The Shredder has been shredded.
  • Part Continuity Nod, part Brick Joke, all CMoA: Take a look at the fight scene with the mutated Purple Dragon. Now what, exactly, does Splinter use to save Leo? The Battle Shell. He finally figured it out!
  • This could go in the Crowning Moment of Funny folder just as well, but really, look at Ch'rell's reaction when the comic turtles latch onto his visor... thing. He's freaking out. Ch'rell is freaking out!
  • Mirage Raphael calling Shredder a coward.
    Mirage Raphael: Shredder! Do you fear us?! (grinning maliciously)
    2003 Shredder: (beat, eyes glowing red in response)
    • Which just goes to show...
    2003 Leo: If there's one constant in the multiverse, it's the Shredder's BIG FAT EGO.
  • The Enemy Mine between the three teams of Turtles and 1987 villains certainly counts.
  • Exploding Throwing Stars...never leave home without'em.
  • "We are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We strike hard, and fade away...into the night."
  • The part where the 2003 Turtles are fighting the comics Turtles. Though the 2003 Turtles weren't fighting back and the 1987 didn't have a chance, it's still an awesome scene.
  • When the 2003 Turtles are baffled at the existence of four other Turtles and can't get through to them, who rounds them up in five seconds flat? Splinter.
  • The fact that this crossover can even exist. I mean, how cool is it that for an anniversary and a grand finale for a franchise to do something like this?