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Awesome: Tumblr
  • One day, tumblr user thatsmoderatelyraven (aka Peyton) made a post and claimed that if it got over 500,000 notes her mother would buy her a fluffy chicken. After a bizarre series of events where the circulated post had the chicken's picture continuously changed to completely different images, on February 17, 2013, it hit (and surpassed!) 500k notes and Peyton confirmed that yes, her mom is getting her a fluffy chicken. That date was subsequently declared Fluffy Chicken Day.

    A petition has sprung up to have Fluffy Chicken as the next Pope. It has already been signed by over 400 people including Tony Stark, Thorin Oakenshield, Dr David Tennant, James Moriaty, John Watson, Harry Potter and God.
  • There's no way to accurately measure the number of suicides Tumblr has prevented simply through signal boosting and use of available resources, but even one is a CMOA all on its own.
    • YMMV Though for the same reason.

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