Awesome / True Lies

  • It's a James Cameron film, so you know the set pieces are gonna be awesome.
    • For example...Harry using an Uzi and a fuel truck hose to MacGyver a flame thrower. Not to be outdone, Aziz whips out a rocket launcher...
  • Jamie Lee Curtis actually did the dangling-from-the-helicopter stunt herself; it was her birthday.
  • Everything involving the Harrier.
    "You're fired."
  • Dana stealing a nuclear ignition key from terrorists and getting away with it. Oh, and she's FOURTEEN.
    • Really, Dana is pretty much a walking CMOA in this scene. The kid runs off with the key, Aziz chases her onto a crane hundreds of feet from the ground, and in spite of being TERRIFIED and on the verge of tears, she holds the key out and yells that if he shoots her, the key will fall. Aziz then tells her that if she gives him the key, then no harm will come to her. Dana's response?
      "No WAY, you wacko!"
  • Charlton Heston is Da Chief! Complete with eye patch!
  • Harry and Helen kissing passionately while the nuclear bomb at the Florida Keys island goes off in the background.