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Awesome: Troy Baker
  • Troy's singing is a mix of Awesome and Funny. Followed by his impersonating Lightning and Liara.
  • Recently, Troy personally went on GameFAQs to clear up a misunderstanding on The Last of Us board. Unfortunately, his post ended up moderated for censor bypassing (and also getting flagged due to people instantly assuming the account was fake), but was later reposted in all its glory (this time with proper censorship) after he confirmed that it was really him in a Twitter post. Here is the post in question.
  • The fact that he is a multitalented voice actor, motion capture performer, guitarist, and lyricist.
  • Troy's acting in Bioshock Infinite, The Last Of Us, Saints Row IV and Batman: Arkham Origins is nothing short of incredible, to say the least, especially considering many voice actors are lucky to pull this many large roles over several years.
    • Really, just the fact that in a few years, he went from a no-name anime dub actor to one of the most recognized voice-overs in all of gaming, rivaling the likes of Steve Blum, Nolan North, and Jennifer Hale is awesome in and of itself.
  • Speaking of Batman: Arkham Origins, he performed a Joker monologue from The Killing Joke live at New York Comic-Con.
  • Recently, the Youtube channel Soul Pancake caught him in one of their Joy Bombs. Take a look.

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