Awesome / Trick

  • Jakob raising his voice when Ren calls Catherine flawed due to her emotions. It'd be standing up for her if it were, say, Murphey or Elias, but we're talking about Jakob, who's been very timid through the whole party and had to be pushed onto the dance floor by Ren.
  • So, Ren's ranting about emotions, and is about to destroy his universe and ours. Murphey's reaction? Football tackle him, which manages to knock him down (even if he does proceed to summon Jackobel anyways).
  • Little Daniel, a seven year old duck, walking up to a demonic entity set on destroying all universes to rid the world of emotion, holding out his candy bag, and sucking the demon into it. In any other context, the three words "twick or tweat" would be adorable, but in this context it's a Bond One-Liner.
  • A tiny one with Jakob going out on the dance floor, without his ghost sheet on, and talking to Catherine. It's the first real act of confidence we see him do.
  • Meta example- the amazingly positive reaction in the comments. Counting all 4 blogs, TRICK has, as of November 2nd, 2013, 800 comments, and most of Fantendo's userbase has chipped in somehow. Even better is the reactions to the ending, ranging from "it's beautiful" to "the best thing on the wiki" to "90000/10".