Awesome: Transformers: Wings of Honor

  • Onslaught's plan in issue 4 of Wings of Honor.
  • The Combaticon's Face-Heel Turn. They tore the guard apart. It's also notable, because Bruticus hasn't been the best combiner (Dreamwave, and the later seasons of G1 saw to that). But now, he's a huge beast outfitted with armor, and built from military vehicles, and he kicks ass.
  • In Battle-lines, Lyzack gets one. She's the Token chick on the Decepticons, gets no respect (Demeaned by Starscream), and is reduced to a server instead of a warrior (as she was built as a support mech). She also has several depressive traits. Near the finale she takes on Magunm, the Elite guard leader, and cuts him down, defeating him.
    • Thunderclash then takes her out with a single punch before she can finish him.
  • For all his skills and manipulations, Deathsaurus is defeated by the Cloudcuckoolander Sprocket, who jumps on his back, asks for a "Zap"-Pony ride, and shoots him point blank in the chest.