Awesome / Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

  • Optimus rolling up to Demolisher, transforming, then jumping right onto the giant Decepticon's head, and shooting him in the face.
    Optimus: "Pull Over!"
  • Just before that, Optimus skydiving into Shanghai.
  • Skids and Mudflap did the exact same thing to Devastator, except in a twin combination, and they didn't actually beat Devastator. Still awesome to watch though.
    • Mudflap did that after being eaten by the thing. He forced his way out of the side of its HEAD.
      • Right out of its EYE... and then he proceed to beat the thing's other eye with the remains of the last eye.
    Mudflap: You're never eatin' me! I'm gonna bust, yo', FACE UP!!
    • The Constructicons combining into Devastator in the first place was quite awesome.
    • Devastator was then destroyed by this awesome human-made railgun on a destroyer a couple miles away. Hell, once again the Humans in general putting up a good fight, and even taking down some Decepticons on their own.
  • Sideswipe cutting Sideways in half. It's the fluid motion of it, his badass pose, and his line afterward:
    "Damn, I'm good."
  • Optimus Prime taking on Megatron, Starcream and Grindor at the same time, Dual Wielding his arm blades, and ripping off Starscream's arm and beating him with it.
    • Don't forget about the asskicking that ensued after that. Topped off with Optimus killing Grindor and commenting on exactly what he thinks he's made of.
      Optimus: "Piece of tin."
      • Nor Optimus at the beginning of the forest fight. To elaborate, Optimus was trashtalking Megatron while smacking him with a tree, abandoning it then just resorting to his fists.
    Optimus: "Weak!" *Slap* "Puny!" *Punch* "Waste of metal!" *Slashes with arm sword* "Junkyard SCRAP!"
    • Virtually every single move Optimus Prime delivers in that fight is a CMoA. Towards the beginning, Starscream jumps at him from behind, and Optimus simply turns around and catches him by the throat in midair. Without letting go, Optimus then kicks Megatron out of the way almost as an afterthought, then lifts Starscream up to kicking height, upside-down, and gets him right in the face.
    • If you watch closely, you'll notice that Optimus is using them to confuse and confound each other's attack, which is exactly what one is supposed to do against multiple assailants. Mook Chivalry is not. In effect. Optimus Prime is legitimately stomping a mudhole in all three of them at once.
  • Jetfire. Just Jetfire. Let's see now: getting the heroes halfway across the world to where they need to get to; providing the heroes with loads of useful information; swooping in during the big battle to take down two Decepticons single-handedly. And sacrificing his life to give Optimus the power he needs to save the day. It's official: Jetfire is the coolest old man ever.
    • It should also be noted that during his previously stated Big Damn Heroes moment in the big battle, he had killed Mixmaster by slicing him in half with his cane then decapitating him with his cane followed by killing Scorponok by crushing his head with his fist after Scorponok had drilled into his innards.
  • Lennox giving the Obstructive Bureaucrat his just deserts by faking an emergency and getting the latter pulled out of their cargo plane by parachute drag. Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
    Lennox: I need you to pull the blue cord! Pull it really hard!
    *Galloway yanks the cord and his parachute goes out the cargo door*
    Lennox: Not now! We're on the plane, you dumbass!
    Galloway: Wha- *Galloway is yanked out of the plane by his parachute*
  • A testament to just how brave and honorable a man Ex-Sector-Seven Agent Simmons is when he climbs right next to the 100 foot giant Decepticon so the US military can pinpoint EXACTLY WHERE to fire their prototype railgun into the Steel Beast, preventing it from exhuming the Sun-Destroyer.
  • In the opening chase, the twins and Arcee are in pursuit of Sideways. As they chase him into a side street, Sideways doesn't even bother to turn. He transforms, leaps through the building directly in front of him, somersaults as he lands and transforms back into vehicle mode. Leads to a Crowning Momentof Funny as Sideways goes directly through an old man's living room, leading to nothing more then a slightly confused expression from the old man. This also leads to Arcee's CMOA, as, without skipping a beat, all of her components follow him through the building and continue firing at him.
  • After seeing Optimus come back from the dead (big shocker there), the Fallen goes berserk and throws himself at Optimus, clawing madly and shrieking that Prime will "die like [his] brothers!" Prime's response?
    "They were your brothers too!" *Cue epic ass kicking*
    "You picked the wrong planet!"
  • Every single moment of the entire 30 minute climax of RotF. Especially Optimus Prime, with jet engines fused to his back, and the line, "GIVE ME YOUR FACE." And he isn't joking.
    • Just so we're perfectly clear, the "face" line comes in the final battle of the movie, between "Jetpower" Optimus Prime and the eponymous Fallen. Optimus grabs The Fallen, shouts something that ended with " give me your face!", and tears his face off. Then he grabs The Fallen's spear, stabs him through what's left of his head with it, then stabs him again through the chest, and finally lets the corpse fall to the ground..."I fall."
      • Not only stabs him through the chest, he PUNCHES THROUGH HIS CHEST, RIPS OUT THE ROBOT EQUIVALENT OF A HEART, AND CRUSHES IT IN HIS FIST. As if it wasn't awesome enough already.
      • Further clarification to the spoiler above after 5 compulsive rewinds in slow motion of the DVD: The full quote began with " You picked the wrong planet! " Optimus then stabs the Fallen with his own spear through the chest, smashes him against a wall with a growl, snarls " Now give me your face! "— and the rest is as above.
  • When Galloway orders the Autobots to leave on the grounds that it's their fault Earth has attracted so many Decepticons.
    Optimus Prime: Very well. Freedom is your right and I will honor it. But ask your President this, "What if we leave, and you're wrong?
  • At this point, can we just say everything Optimus Prime does?
    • Hell YEAH! The big bot is made of awesome.
  • The little guys - namely the spider-like, sadistic and absolutely insane Doctor, during Megatron's revival. He quickly notes that, to carry out his work, he needs parts to graft. How does he get them? He instantly orders the surrounding Constructicons, bots far taller and more powerful than he, to sacrifice one of their own almost casually, and they follow this instantly, brutally tearing apart one of their smaller comrades. Impressive because of the sheer pull he had over them, even if it was somewhat only implied, and the Doctor's order itself: "Kill the little one!"
  • Following up on this is 'Reedman', the unofficial name given to the near paper-thin Decepticon scout formed by Ravage's merged nanobot swarm. Upon being detected by guards after stealing the Allspark shard, he starts hightailing it out of the complex he's in by slicing a soldier in two after running through him. One hell of an exit.
  • Scorponok's Dynamic Entry, exploding from the ground, burrowing into Jetfire and pulling his mechanical guts out. This is followed immediately by Jetfire's CMoA where he pulls Scorponok off him and smashes it with a fist.
  • Bumblebee's fight with Rampage (the Constructicon with the tread-whips). Bumblebee kicked Barricade's ass handily in the first movie, but that fight was almost entirely off-screen. Here, though, you get to see him beat the crap out of the 'Con, and it's an awesome beating.
    • He gets another in the same scene, wherein he grabs Ravage by the tail and slides one fist down him lengthwise, effectively wiping his body clean.
      • Made all the more spectacular when 'Bee turns and smacks down Rampage with Ravage's spine.
  • Mikaela giving a Decepticon Stockholm Syndrome. Especially when it comes with this line, spoken in the sweetest, nicest voice imaginable:
    Mikaela: But I'm not not going to burn your other eye off. I'm not going to burn it off.
  • Soundwave using Galloway's As You Know to plan the theft of their Allspark shard.