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Awesome: Transformers: More than Meets the Eye

Issue 5:

  • Fortress Maximus taking out a couple of Deceptions, dismembering them bare-handed.
  • Ratchet confronting the mastermind behind the plague outbreak—Pharma—is awesome from start to finish. To elaborate:
    • He starts off by deducing that Pharma's the guilty party, citing the latter's refusal to switch to alt-mode as proof that he knows exactly how this mystery plague works (transforming between shapes is the catalyst), despite no one having seen it before.
    • He then contracts the plague himself and activates it by going alt-mode to save Blackstreet, knowing full well that he's probably condeming himself to a horrible death. But he does it anyway to give his patient a better chance at survival.
    • With the plague now ravaging his systems, Ratchet goes and hunts down Pharma, ending up held at gunpoint while the mad doctor engages in a Motive Rant. There's seemingly nothing Ratchet can do in this situation... except, by keeping Pharma in one place while his own fluids bleed out, Ratchet's already done it:
    • Pharma manages to escape to the rooftop, where he's stalled by a holo-matter avatar projected by Ratchet...which is a distraction so that the corroding, decaying medic can dive-tackle Pharma from behind.
    • When Pharma tries to grab the antidote for the plague to use on himself, Ratchet kicks it off the rooftop. When Pharma screams that he's killed them both, Ratchet gives both him and his own impending death the finger:
    Ratchet: You died a long time ago, Pharma. And as for hands don't work, I'm miles from anyone I truly care about, and I'm still coming to terms with the fact that after a four-millions-year build-up, peace has turned out to be a massive anticlimax. Bottom line? I've got nothing left to lose.
    • And then, as he leaves Pharma hanging from the edge of the roof, in danger of losing his grip and falling any second, Ratchet delivers another epic monologue:
    Ratchet: "...When you fall, you'll have a choice. You can change into a jet and fly away, activating the virus—or you can stay as you are, and pray the impact doesn't kill you. If you want my medical need to make a judgement based on your chances of survival."
  • And then Drift gets one by leaping in—despite having been ravaged by the plauge—and slicing off Pharma's hands when he tries to shoot Ratchet, sending the mad doctor plunging to his presumed death.

Issue 6:

  • Issue Six has Whirl Impaled with Extreme Prejudice with a pipe, pinning him to the ground. Fortress Maximus has captured him and Rung and a hostage situation breaks out. Whirl proceeds to act like a jerk and both anger and intrigue their captor. When the rescue attempt breaks down and Rung is accidentally shot, Whirl pulls himself off the pole (He did not pull the pole out of himself, but pulled himself off of it) and spears Fort Max through the back.

Issue 8:

  • Issue 8's title asks us Who's Afraid of The DJD? The answer: The Decepticons are, and they have every right to be.
  • Crankcase gets a nice Curb Stomp Cushion when he busts out a Cybernought and takes out the three most physically powerful DJD members in short order, stepping on Tarn and blasting Helex and Tesarus. Granted, he went down pretty fast thanks to the combined efforts of Tarn and Kaon, but it's still pretty awesome and it bought the Scavengers enough time for Fulcrum to make his move.
  • Fulcrum's attempt at a Heroic Sacrifice doesn't work (and he lives through it), but the speech he gives to the DJD is pure awesome:
    Fulcrum: I was lucky. I was forged when the Decepticon Empire was at it's peak. We'd overthrown our oppressors, we'd torn down a system that served only those at the top, and we'd turned outwardsrefining the galaxy by cleansing it of organic races too backward to reconfigure their inferior nature. And you know what went wrong? People like you. The thugs and the sadists and the psychos—people for whom the war was a convenient excuse to inflict pain. Yesterday, my faith in the Decepticon was restored. I met six scavengers—and they were average and normal and brilliant, and they fought on my behalf when I really, really didn't deserve it. And I know you look down on them, but each one of them is worth ten of you. So what I'm about to do, I do for them—and for everyone else the D.J.D. has murdered. This is for everyone who's ever turned and fled in protest at what the Decepticons have become!
    Tarn: I don't believe it— you're running!
    Fulcrum: No, Tarn. I'm jumping.
  • The Scavengers took sheer guts to take down these bogymen. Crankcase puts it best.
    "This is our badge, not theirs."

2012 Annual:

  • In the 2012 Annual, the normally peppy and chipper Drift slugging Whirl right in the face after having his button pressed too many times.

Issue 11:

  • Anything Orion Pax does during the Shadowplay flashbacks.

Issue 12:

  • Tailgate risking his life to disarm a bomb in issue 12. Becomes even more awesome in issue #13 when it's revealed he's not actually a bomb disposal expert, but a sanitation worker lying about his past, and he tricked Rewind into coming up with a plan to disarm it.

Issue 14:

  • Overlord's birth, his spark's first flash kills two miners. He's so deadly his birth involved killing people.
  • And, of course, there's the way he turns the tables on his interrogator, Chromedome, and finds a way to escape the cell that he's been confined in.

Issue 15:

  • A understated Dying Moment of Awesome for Pipes. Despite being brutally stomped to death by Overlord, he manages to drag himself to an alarm button—falling apart both physically and mentally—and slams his fist against it before finally succumbing to his excessive injuries. The alarm going off gave everyone the chance to realize something was wrong, and thus prepare for battle, before Overlord came bearing down upon them.
  • The entire crew of the Lost Light teaming together and taking on Overlord is pretty awesome. It gets even more awesome when Fortress Maximus joins in and takes Overlord down with help from Chromedome and Rewind.
  • Ratchet's reaction to Overlord appearing behind him is especially epic. He just whips around and shoots him in the face and while he's reeling back from that, locks down the medbay and steps out to fight him while calmly giving instructions over the comm to Rodimus.

Issue 18:

  • Swerve taking down a Legislator in issue 18.
    Swerve: Get the hell out of my bar.
    • And Skids fighting off a whole swarm of Legislators by himself.

Issue 19:

Issue 20:

  • When forced to perform an impossible surgery, Ratchet manages to stall long enough to convert Ambulons corpse into a one shot energy weapon strong enough to take down a Legislator, allowing both himself and First Aid to escape.
  • Getaway busting the away team out of their cell using nothing but some briefcase clamps and Chromedome's finger needles.
  • It was brief and didn't end well, but there was something inherently awesome about Dai Atlas taking on Star Staber in battle while arguing over their different views on faith.

Issue 21:

  • Tailgate stopping Tyrest on his own, long enough to allow the rest of those not affected by the killswitch to recover, and then asking Rodimus to shoot him anyways when Tyrest tries to use him as a Human Shield.
    • It should be noted that Tailgate was dying of cybercrosis this whole time. He did all this while his systems were shutting down.
  • Then a recovering Minimus Ambus shoots Tyrest in the back!
    Minimus Ambus: Fully deserved.
  • Cyclonus taking Star Saber's challenge and winning.
  • Rodimus sacrificing the Matrix map to stop the Killswitch.
  • First Aid finally shuts Pharma up... with a bullet to the head!
  • Cyclonus manages to save Tailgate by channeling some of his own excess Matrix energy from being revitalized by Vector Sigma at the end of the Chaos storyline into Tailgate by using the Great Sword he got from the Circle of Light as a conduit by stabbing Tailgate through the chest with it. And best of all, Whirl was the one who suggested it!

Issue 22:

  • Swerve saves the day by whacking Paddox over the head with Rung.


  • Toyline-related, but it's been revealed that the Generations toyline will be getting More Than Meets The Eye-based toys, specifically the Ensemble Darkhorse characters Swerve, Tailgate (as Legends-class figures fitting their diminutive nature), a Deluxe-class Skids, Deluxe-Class versions of Trailcutter and Hoist, and a larger Voyager-sized Whirl, based on their MTMTE designs (though Whirl's is also heavily G1-inspired). Later waves included a Deluxe-Class Nightbeat, a Voyager-Class Brainstorm, and a colossal version of Metroplex.
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