Awesome / Transformers: Dark of the Moon

  • The Highway Battle:

  • Battle at the Autobot Base:
    • The Mexican Standoff between two Decepticon Mooks, Ironhide and ends just about as well as you'd expect for the mooks.
      Ironhide: "Class dismissed."
      • Ironhide's arrival into that fight was a CMOA in itself. He comes tearing in at full-speed in truck mode, rams both Decepticons in a head-on collision which causes him to flip over them, transforms to robot mode in mid-air, and lands on his feet with both guns already drawn and cocked at the Decepticons' heads.
      • The novelization takes this Upto Eleven. Whereas the film had him & Sideswipe engaging the two remaining Dreads in a gunfight, the novel has five Dreads charging at the NEST base. Ironhide simply transforms, stands in their path, and becomes an Immovable Object, letting the 'Cons literally crash into him. Each of the Dreads is killed on impact, while Ironhide simply withstands the hits with little more than some scratches and being knocked back a bit. He then casually brushes Decepti-parts off of himself and quips "They just don't make them like they used to".
    • The novel adds a Dying Moment of Awesome for The Twins, despite them not even appearing in the movie. Skids dives in front of a shot fired by Sentinel Prime meant for Bumblebee, saving Bee's life at the cost of his own. This causes Mudflap to fly into an Unstoppable Rage and charge Sentinel, dodging the traitor's shots, tackling him to the ground, and pummeling him as hard as possible. It does little harm to Sentinel. In fact, Sentinel blasts him in the mouth with his Cosmic Rust gun. Mudflap continues to attack him, however, even as he is literally disintegrating from the inside out. After, Sentinel tells the fleeing Autobots that they honor his sacrifice by surviving, and mentions that Mudflap died a death worthy of an Autobot.

  • Chicago Battle:
    • The entire scene of the Autobots returning.
    • Sam's first attempt at rescuing Carly. He enters the enemy stronghold armed with nothing but a handgun and confronts Dylan.
      • Dylan gets a small one right after. He has a gun in his face, aimed by someone who is clearly pissed off enough to use it. How does he respond? "You got some balls." Said in the most deadpan voice possible.
    • The humans breaking through the Decipticon defenses and managing to sneak into the city. Their wing suits prove that Badasses can look like flying squirrels and have nuts of steel.
      • On that note, the Osprey crews are certified BAMFs. Their planes are going down, they know they are going to die. Their response?
        Pilot: "Get them out!"
        Loadmaster: "Go! Go! Go!"
    • After spending an entire film as the Butt Monkey, Starscream's back to being dangerous in DotM. He drops down from low orbit to shoot down the Autobots' spaceship and later leaps off a building and shreds the Ospreys transporting Lennox's team with his buzzsaw hand. Also serves as a Call Back to his F-22 Stepping Stones in the Sky moment in the first film.
    • Sam has spent the majority of the three movies being utterly useless against the Decepticons who attack him. But when he is cornered by Starscream after having their hopes of an easy victory dashed, he doesn't back down. Instead, he kills him. Sam Witwicky. Kills. Freaking. Starscream!!!.
      • To elaborate further: Sam uses a Batman-certified grapple glove to latch onto Starscream's optic, then gets hoisted into the air and tossed into walls, before finally getting his bearings and jamming an explosive device into his other eye, which then detonates and takes off half of Starscream's head before finally backfiring and destroying the Decepticon's spark.
      • An even more awesome moment in the novel because Starscream ruthlessly kills Mirage right before so when Sam stabs him in the eye, he screams "That's for Mirage you son of a bitch!"
    • The fact that Wheelie and Brains, the comic relief, actually manage to save the other Autobots, after a whole movie of being treated like pests.
      • Wheelie and Brains, the two smallest Autobots in the film, manage to hotwire an entire Decepticon cruiser
    • Ratchet putting up a hell of a fight as he's forced to the ground, and still snarling at the Decepticons to frag off when he's on his knees.
    • Bumblebee killing Soundwave. He overpowers Soundwave and his Mooks, then jams his arm cannon into Soundwave's chest and blows his head off through his chest! Made even better due to the fact Bumblebee is shown before this mourning the death of Wheeljack at Soundwaves hands and now has avenged his fallen friend.

  • Final Battle:
    • Colonel Lennox and a strike team of about twenty or so humans, working together without any vehicle or Autobot support, take down Shockwave (though it takes the Autobots and Optimus to actually defeat him), Barricade, and four other Decepticons on foot, using nothing but accurate sniper fire, parachutes, and sheer balls.
    • Optimus' Curb-Stomp Battle against Shockwave certainly qualifies.
      • It begins with Optimus flying down to street level and taking out several Decepticons in various ways while a variation of Mind Heist plays. This scene can be found here.
      • It continues with Optimus ripping Shockwave's guts out then pulling his eyeball out by the wires connecting it to his brain .
      • And finally, Optimus uses Shockwave's gun to shoot the Space Bridge Control Pillar before challenging his former mentor to a duel to the death.
        Optimus: Get down here, Sentinel!
    • The united Autobots and humans racing down the streets of Chicago into battle. Followed by the Autobots fighting Sentinel as a unit with NEST.
    • Optimus Prime VS Sentinel Prime. Prime VS Prime smackdown. Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it.
      • Sentinel basically duels Optimus, while being shot at by NEST soldiers, and while smacking away the other 7 Autobots whenever they try to interfere. In short he fights all the good guys at once by himself and hold his own. It ends with a CMOA for some random unnamed NEST soldier, who pegs Sentinel with a rocket just a he finally pulls out the dreaded rust gun he was able to kill Ironhide with, causing Sentinel to lose his gun, and for him to fall back. Optimus pursues however and the Awesome goes back to Sentinel, who, one on one beats Optimus in a duel and would have basically won without Megatron suddenly interfering.
    • The humans launching a Macross Missile Massacre against the Decepticons from far enough way that it takes the better part of a full minute to show the missiles' flight into the city, opening up the battle proper.
    • Carly calmly approaches Megatron, and talks him into turning on Sentinel Prime. Not only that, she insults him to his face and gets away with it because he realizes she has a point. Not bad for a Replacement Scrappy.
      "Any moment now, you'll be nothing but Sentinel's bitch ."
    • Sam defeating Dylan. He knocks him into the Space Bridge Pillar, electrocuting him. Made more awesome by the fact that, just before, Dylan was giving him a Hannibal Lecture, saying, "You think you're some kind of hero?". It was basically Sam's Shut Up, Hannibal! moment.
      Sam: "I'm just a messenger." *WHAM!*
    • Megatron's total trashing of Sentinel just as Sentinel is about to kill Prime.
      Megatron: This is my planet!
    • Optimus finally deciding that enough is enough, and tearing off both Megatron's HEAD AND SPINE. WITH ONE ARM. That moment, arguably more then any other in the entire series, establishes Optimus as an absolute BADASS.
      • And just before he does it, his face-guard pops up to cover his mouth, making it as close to the original Optimus putting Megatron down permanently as we're ever likely to see.
      • The dialogue in that scene really sells it too. Megatron boasts, "Who would you be without ME, Prime?" Optimus has had it. He knows Megatron will never come back from the atrocities he's done. He's pointing a gun at him while suing for peace. Of all the times in the franchise Optimus has let Megatron get away, let him escape, or never just shot him, this is it. Optimus is done with Megatron and now decides it's time to live his life without his eternal foe. Megatron won't get away this time.
        Optimus: Time to find out.
      • And as Age of Extinction proves, it still wasn't enough to keep him down.

  • The Wreckers:
    • Basically anything the Wreckers do in the final battle. Really, there's no way that a trio of weaponized race cars tearing down the streets blowing up everything in their path can't be insanely cool.
    • Three words: "Wreckers...kill him!". The sheer brutality that the trio proceeds to unleash upon the pilot of the downed Decepticon fighter is practically a whole brand of badass unto itself.
      This is gonna hurt...a lot!.

  • Other:
    • A Meta Example: This film was the fourth highest grossing film of all time, despite being one of the most flamed films ever. Critical Dissonance FTW!
    • Optimus' rather efficient method of killing his foes. First, he charges directly while dodging their blows/blasts. Then he strikes them in the chest, stunning them. While they're stunned, he maims them in some way that they can no longer fight back. Finally, he delivers the killing blow. He uses this against both Shockwave and Megatron in this movie, the Fallen in the last one, and Bonecrusher in the first.
    • Lennox and his team get his fair share of awesome in the movie.
      Lennox: Listen up! If we wanna hit back, we're gonna have to wingsuit in. It's the only way to get close. I can't promise anyone a ride home, but if you're with me... The world needs you now.
      Soldier: [steps forward] ...I'll find my own ride home, sir.
      Lennox: [nods appreciatively] WHO ELSE?
      [The rest of the soldiers step up and shout their commitment to the mission]
    • The trailer to Prime's truck. We've been waiting for it for two films and it doesn't disappoint. Not only does it turn into a badass flying harness, but, like the original, it opens up into a base... which is fully stocked with dozens of weapons.
    • Optimus Prime and Buzz Aldrin. Meeting one another and, with the utmost humility and sincerity, saying that it is an honor.
    • Simmons, when he's not being a walking CMOF, he's usually being this... it helps that he's Crazy Awesome.
      • As was his assistant, Dutch.
    • Not shown on-screen, but the several years N.E.S.T. spent refining their tactics by fighting Decepticons. Think of all the bullets fired, blood shed, and lives lost.
    • They managed to put 6 foot tall human infantry next to 20 foot tall Autobots and convincingly portray them as Bash Brothers. Special props go to the guy who jumped on the back of Shockwave.