Awesome / Training Day

Hoyt: So where's the office? Back at Division.
Alonzo Harris (smiling as he turns on his car and it goes up on his hydraulics): You're in the office, baby.
  • The moment that Hoyt realizes he's been completely played.
    Hoyt: You've been planning this all day?!!
    Alonzo: I've been planning this all week, son!
  • Hoyt's final battle with Alonzo, from the latter's apartment to the rooftops and onto the streets.
  • Seemingly faced with the choice of killing Alonzo, taking him in on charges that will never get proven and ruin his career, or letting Alonzo win, Hoyt takes an unexpected and perfect route: he reaches out, takes Alonzo's badge, saying "You don't deserve this" then takes the money Alonzo needs to pay off the Russian Mob and leaves Alonzo behind, completely screwed.
  • Jake recycling Alonzo's line back in his face at the end.
    Jake: You wanna go to jail, or you wanna go home?
    Alonzo: [after a beat] I wanna go home.
  • Alonzo's speech to the Jungles. It has to be seen to be believed, even when it trails off to Villainous Breakdown levels when the residents know it's only the bluster of a beaten man.
  • Hoyt kicking the ass of two men who were about to rape a high school girl.