Awesome / Total Drama Equestria

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  • Izzy is the person who's done a majority of the work of Awesome. She even WON her first challenge for the team by making EXACT replicas of the Elements on her own.
  • Bridgette winning the Wake-a-Thon 2.0 for her team. Alejandro was also awake, but he cheated by getting Ezekiel and Eva knocked out, and was too obsessive on Heather's boyfriend.
  • Noah figured out the clues to the eye that Celestia couldn't figure out for many years... which leads to the quest to find Tuerto's eye for some of the Total Drama contestants.
  • Celestia and Luna teamed up with Discord and Chef to get revenge on Chris, using El Guapadura in Chapter Sixteen.
  • Katie does very good work on her own, and is a particularly skilled soccer player.