Awesome / Tom Hanks

  • Just the fact that Hanks is the Trope Namer for Tom Hanks Syndrome should be enough, as it truly demonstrated that he really could deliver a powerful performance. But the fact that he won not just one, but *two* Oscars, in back-to-back years - being the only man besides Spencer Tracy to do so, and the sixth man in history to win 2 Best Actor Oscars - to standing ovations each time? That is a crowning moment, right there.
    Opera Man: Take a trip-o, go to France-o... give someone else a freaking chance-o!!!
    • He almost became the first actor to win three Oscars when he was nominated for Cast Away. Alas, this wouldn't be accomplished until Sir Daniel Day-Lewis won in 2013.
  • Unconfirmed retellings of Tom Hanks's childhood make it seem as though he had an exceptionally difficult one: both his parents remarried over and over again, there were so many step-siblings that Tom was known by a number (either "number eight" or "number ten" depending on the retelling) instead of a name, etc. — just a very unstable, cold environment. The fact that he's transcended all that to become a highly successful Hollywood icon with one of celebdom's most durable marriages? Pretty damned superheroic.