Awesome / Tom Hanks

  • Just the fact that Hanks is the Trope Namer for Tom Hanks Syndrome should be enough, as it truly demonstrated that he really could deliver a powerful performance. But the fact that he won not just one, but *two* Oscars, in back-to-back years - being the only man besides Spencer Tracy to do so, and the sixth man in history to win 2 Best Actor Oscars - to standing ovations each time? That is a crowning moment, right there.
    Opera Man: Take a trip-o, go to France-o... give someone else a freaking chance-o!!!
    • He almost became the first actor to win three Oscars when he was nominated for Cast Away. Alas, this wouldn't be accomplished until Sir Daniel Day-Lewis won in 2013.
  • Unconfirmed retellings of Tom Hanks's childhood make it seem as though he had an exceptionally difficult one: both his parents remarried over and over again, there were so many step-siblings that Tom was known by a number (either "number eight" or "number ten" depending on the retelling) instead of a name, etc. — just a very unstable, cold environment. The fact that he's transcended all that to become a highly successful Hollywood icon with one of celebdom's most durable marriages? Pretty damned superheroic.
  • Being so beloved that he was widely accepted as a fantastic choice for the biopic of famous Sacred Cow Fred Rogers.
  • His performance in Cast Away deserves special mention. It was a very challenging and demanding role, as roughly 90% of the movie is a one-man show with his only co-star being a volleyball. Not to mention the physical transformation he had to undergo to make it really seem like he'd been living on an island for four years. And he knocked it out of the park, earning a well-deserved Oscar nomination.