Awesome / Tokyo ESP

  • Azuma's Lock and Load Montage and subsequent actions are a fine example of how he's not someone to trifle with, even if he acts like a classic superhero.
  • The rescue of the hostages in chapter 24. Not only does it showcase Rinka's badass status, but it's caught on film and virtually everyone is cheering for her.
  • Chapter 25 has Rinka defeat Minami in an awesome, but brutal Cat Fight that ended up with her bending the girl's sword, the rescue party arriving and saving the team inside, before K.O'ing all the other espers using their abilities, and lastly Rinka's dad managing to slow down the fall of the building.
  • Zeusu, full stop. Whenever he's involved ass will be kicked.
  • Chapter 36: Rinka and Azuma return and takes down the weight manipulating esper in a single go.
  • Chapter 44: Vahalla Gantetsu vs Rinka. She takes him out in a single cross-counter strike despite this dude being the winner of the last tournament.
  • Kozuki defending Minami after she had been knocked out. She takes out a group of ESP mercenaries and holds out long enough for Zeusu to arrive.
    • And Zeusu promptly kicked their asses, both of them being professional soldiers.
  • Chapter 74: Nadija and Black Fist work together to slap Claudia with a Power-Nullifying seal so that Rinka can kick in her teeth.