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Awesome: Toho Kingdom Toons
  • you'd think a comedy-based series wouldn't have too many Awesome Moments, you'd be wrong.

  • Biollante holding her own against Katz in a fight. if that's not enough, Kid Buu's theme starts playing every time we get a fight.
  • this exchange between Katz. and Biollante.
    Biollante: why not?.
  • also, Jet Jaguar fighting Ro-Man. the best part is that Jet Jaguar's actually Cyborg Vegeta!
    • the best part of ALL the fights is that the music and sound effects of these fights are taken from Dragon Ball Z
  • Monster X, of all people. gets a mini-one in the "Kaiju Kritics" review of "Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince" criticizing the pushed-back release date:
    Monster X And Gabara: (talking about the film's awesomeness at the same time, resulting in what sounds like gibberish)
    Monster X: this what we WOULD be sayng...(turns red and jumps the screen) IF THEY HADN'T PUSHED BACK THE FRIGGIN' RELEASE DATE!
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