Awesome / Today

  • The entire cast and crew of Today, plus Abe Vigoda and Jimmy Fallon, doing a live single-camera viral video of "Don't Stop Believing" as a farewell to Meredith Vieira. Given the situation, it triples as a Heartwarming Moment and a Tear Jerker.
  • Many of the more recent Milestone Celebrations, where most of the departed anchors (such as Tom Brokaw and Barbara Walters), except for those few who are no longer around (e.g. Dave Garroway), return to the show to celebrate with the current anchors. Also a Heartwarming Moment; it just gives off a feeling of wholeness to see all these people together, old and new.
  • Willard Scott's epic Carmen Miranda impression during his first few years on the show. It completely won him over on a national level (prior to Today he was mostly known only in the Washington DC area) and cemented his Ensemble Darkhorse status, a status he would retain all throughout The '80s and well into The '90s (he finally left in 2015 after 35 years with Today and 65 years with NBC itself).
  • Really, as mentioned above, the very fact that Willard lasted so long, even after Bryant Gumbel's scathing memo got leaked, after his beloved wife passed away, after suffering a panic attack when about to do the weather. He handled all of that gracefully, and while his role on the show considerably decreased, he remains an inspiration (not to mention a dear friend) to the entire Today team.
  • Halloween 2014 and the Saturday Night Live costume fest in honor of its 40th Anniversart. Lester Holt and Al as The Blues Brothers (even singing "Soul Man"!!), Matt as Pat (replete with Julia Sweeney cameo), even Kathie Lee and Hoda got in on the act as Wayne and Garth. Everyone milked their costumes for all its worth.
  • November 2014. Rokerthon. Al Roker attempting to break the world record for the longest ever weather broadcast. And it worked.