Awesome / To Aru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku

  • On two different occasions, Charles flies his way through an Amatsukami fleet ambush in a way no other pilot could have:
    • In the first battle, he leads the heat-seeking missiles fired against his plane, and leads them on a merry chase... back to one of the battleships that fired the missiles. Even after being injured to the arm by a surprise attack from the fleet's elite fighter squad, he still proceeds to outrun and outmaneuver them, all while slowly losing consciousness due to blood loss.
    • In the second ambush, he does some crazy stunt flying to get through AA fire amidst an encirclement of ships, to the point where he flies through the rapidly-closing gap between two ships. Not long after, he is challenged by the enemy's ace to an aerial duel. Despite being outmaneuvered, Charles still had an ace up his sleeve: the machine gun in the rear seat, manned by Fana, who proceeds to damage the enemy ace's plane and force him to admit defeat.
  • For reference's sake, Charles' plane (the Santa Cruz), while fast, is pretty much just a recon plane, and its only armament is a machine gun that faces the rear. Said machine gun is manned by a princess who has never fired a gun in her life. In both encounters he is outnumbered pretty much ten-to-one, and that's just the flying battleships. The fighter squad even fails to touch him before they are recalled back to their fleet!
  • Fana has one at the end. She gives a furious What the Hell, Hero? to the Special Fleet for their poor treatment of Charles. Then she sends the greedy mustached officer a glare so potent he recoils as if struck, and the soldiers baring her exit are visibly sweating. You can see them sigh in relief when their commanding officer gives them leave to let her pass.