Awesome / Titan Legends

The fanfic series Titan Legends has gained popularity over the past few years for many reasons, one of which is the guaranteed Crowning Moment of Awesome in every arc so far. While most CMOA's are attributable to one character in each moment, there are plenty where they are done by a group. Several notable ones include:

Black and White
  • Operation Market Garden in the introductory arc.
  • Raven's powers + Shimmer = invincible Shimmer sword!
  • Captain Cold saving the Titans' asses in the Aberration arc.
  • Savior defeating Jack Djinn.
    Savior: Hey Jack, your talent is superior…is it insulated?
  • The ending of the Justice arc, where the Titans delay the Lord of the Night's finishing blow so he gets vaporized by the oncoming dawn.
    • And he salutes them for it.
  • Raven stopping the Welder... with a breadstick.

Wings of the Eagles
  • Anarky arc: Licorice.
  • Kate and Naomi duping Savior into going with them on their trip.
  • Slade's reveal at the end of the Sins of the Fathers arc.
  • Cyborg and Gauntlet coming to save the day in the T-Car with "The Ride of the Valkyries" blaring.
    • And then Johnny Rancid crashing into the generator to stop the Zap Pack.
      • He gets bonus points for the chalkboard.
      • The author considers the retcon/re-imagining of Mad Mod's past and motivations in the same chapter to be a personal CMOA.
  • Noel taking down a rampaging drugged out patient slash football player in the Model Citizen interlude despite the fact his powers aren't working and he's still recovering from nearly being beaten to death.

The Epic of Gauntlet
  • Gauntlet nearly defeated all of the Titans when he first entered the tower... with sheer luck.

Flashing Lights and Sounds
  • Any of the battles against the White Hole.
  • Noel telling Bish he'll go to jail... and what happens to pretty boys in jail.

  • Myers stabbing Noel after his long rant.
  • Beast Boy defeating the Candyman.
  • Raven vs. Freddy on the T-Tower roof.

Boogeymen II: Teenage Wasteland
  • Flay's defeat of the Tall Man. EPIC.
  • Flense vs. Uberjason.
  • Nightwalker ripping open Leatherface's chest wound with her bare hand and then stuffing a bomb in.
  • The HIVE standing up to Brother Blood so he'd let Noel go after his capture.

Boogeymen III: House of 1000 Clichés
  • How much the atmosphere had to tweak in Moriarty's to get the pieces in place so it could summon the horror villains.
  • Freddy impaling the Lord of the Night on his arm.
  • The villains kicking ass against the 100 Slasher Army.

Boogeymen IV: Dolorum Ipsum Quia
  • The revelation that Kramer had been planning for the Titans to die anyway so he could get cured and live longer.
Raven': Shah Mat.
  • The short scene after the real credits.

Christmas Stories
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    • The poker game. Or, more precisely, Noel and Kid Flash cheating in a poker game against crime lords and the Penguin.
    • Sophie finally ripping her family a new one, re-breaking her brother's nose, taking her gifts, AND stealing their turkey.
  • Adeste Fidelis
    • When Gauntlet hijacks the script and had Noel enter the story so he gets punched through a window.
  • Silent Night
    • Gauntlet's Shining Finger. Complete with him reciting Domon's mantra.
    • Malachi raves at the Titans once the battle is over, and Beast Boy (a devout Catholic) puts him in his place.
      Beast Boy: When your time of judgment comes, you will pass through the gates. You will walk to the throne of our Lord, and kneel in expectations of your thanks and gratitude. And He will look at you…not with pride, not with joy…but with sadness. And He will speak but four words. I don’t know you.

The Cutting Edge
  • Kid Flash vs. Cauterize.
  • Detective Chesbro sneaking into Elijah's house and catching him using his powers, then actually having the balls to try capturing him.

Danny's Inferno
  • When Sizzle possesses Maddie while she's flying the F.U.M.B.L.E.

Crisis Point
Lord of the Night: Dark? Of course this world is dark. It's mine.
  • Titans vs. Slade.
  • White Hole saving Nightwalker.