Awesome / Time Squad

  • The fact that this show got so much past the radar within the span of 53 episodes (25 with two episodes each and one with three episodes each) without getting caught — back before shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show did it frequently. True, most Cartoon Cartoons at the time were masters of Getting Crap Past the Radar, but Time Squad did it so often in a short amount of time and made it subtle (at least until season two, where it was all but outright stated) that most viewers didn't notice until the show was long gone and they were rewatching it either online or on a recorded video or DVD.
  • The first episode has Tudrussell enter a brawl with flesh eating robots. He begins pounds into them with his fists while the theme tunes blares triumphantly in the background...before they all attack at once and completely overpower him (but it goes back to being awesome when he sets off his phaser and blows them all up).