Awesome / Thrones Of The Four Pillars

  • Reborn Xehanort's standoff with No Heart that ends with the armor acknowledging Xehanort...keep in mind that this suit of armor is one of the hardest bosses in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep!
    • To be fair, the armor was originally his...

  • Kairi's second nightmare that she turns into a stage for Taking A Level In Badass

  • Kairi and Thaeon against a swarm of heartless and the Hunter from the Dark and managing to survive.

  • Sora and Riku defending the Destiny Island beach as though a year hadn't past since they last fought.

  • While they didn't win, the battle against the Mysterious Figure in Chapter 7 should still testify to the crew's ability and skill.

  • Donald, Goofy, Zack Fair, Balthir and Calcifer's Big Damn Heroes Entrance in Chapter 10 should not go unmentioned.

  • The sequence of battles throughout Chapter 10 and Chapter 11, all of them ending impressively.

  • Sora's ability to duel wield keyblades without needing a drive form and at one point, Wielding three at a time