Awesome / Thrones of the Four Pillars

  • Reborn Xehanort's standoff with No Heart that ends with the armor acknowledging Xehanort...keep in mind that this suit of armor is one of the hardest bosses in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep!
    • To be fair, the armor was originally his...

  • Kairi's second nightmare that she turns into a stage for Taking a Level in Badass

  • Kairi and Thaeon against a swarm of heartless and the Hunter from the Dark and managing to survive.

  • Sora and Riku defending the Destiny Island beach as though a year hadn't past since they last fought.

  • While they didn't win, the battle against the Mysterious Figure in Chapter 7 should still testify to the crew's ability and skill.

  • Donald, Goofy, Zack Fair, Balthir and Calcifer's Big Damn Heroes Entrance in Chapter 10 should not go unmentioned.

  • The sequence of battles throughout Chapter 10 and Chapter 11, all of them ending impressively.

  • Sora's ability to duel wield keyblades without needing a drive form and at one point, Wielding three at a time