Awesome / 30 Rock

  • Jack Donaghy has his fair share of these, starting from the very first time we see him. Liz and Pete are discussing their old boss Gary and how their show has his approval, when Jack enters by kicking down part of a wall in his office (during a renovation, but still!) and stating, "Gary's dead. I'm Jack Donaghy." Not too long afterward, within minutes of meeting Liz, he has her all figured out:
    Jack: Sure. I gotcha. New York, third-wave feminist, college-educated, single and pretending to be happy about it, overscheduled, undersexed, you buy any magazine that says "healthy body image" on the cover, and every two years you take up knitting for... a week?
    Liz: Jeez, what are you gonna do next, guess my weight?
    Jack (deadpan): You don't want me to do that.
    • Jack in general does this regularly whenever it comes to business and negotiations. This is particularly awesome when he is able to deliver a rousing speech about something completely trivial and yet, still succeeds in roping his audience in.
    • Liz gets one in her first appearance as well; whilst queuing up for a hot dog, a guy rudely pushes in front of her when it gets to her turn, and then to add insult to injury everyone starts joining the line he started. Liz's response? She buys all the hot dogs in the cart, and gives them away to everyone except the people who pushed in front of her.
  • In the second episode when Toofer pisses Tracy off in a meeting with his arrogant attitude:
    Tracy: So, how you doin' over there, Theo Huxtable?
    Toofer: I'm doin' good.
    Tracy: Nuh-uh. Superman does good. You doin' well. You need to study your grammar, son.
  • Liz stopping Devon's plan against Jack by kissing him in the elevator. Capped off by her shouting "You loved it!"
  • Kenneth deliberately falling down a stairwell to get Tracy to TGS in time for the season finale.
  • Pete appearing out of nowhere with a bow and arrow and shooting a man in the leg so Kenneth can get past him and meet a deadline. Mind, this got him put into counseling, since... dude, he shot a guy in the leg with a bow and arrow!
  • Kenneth is usually content to be a doormat and puts up with all kinds of crap from Tracy and Jenna with a smile. But when they mistake him for a serial killer then accidentally murder his pet bird, and then laugh it off as though it was just an amusing misunderstanding, he lets loose with a very civilized yet absolutely furious rant about how unforgivable their behavior was. The rant actually makes Tracy and Jenna ashamed of themselves, possibly a unique occurence in the show.
  • In an episode where Jack is trying to teach Kenneth to do bad for the greater good Kenneth explains that "the right thing isn't always the easy thing", Jack provides a hypothetical where eight people are stuck on a boat and it'll sink unless they lose one person. Kenneth says he doesn't like hypotheticals so Jack traps Kenneth himself and six other people in an elevator saying that they'll be out soon but there isn't enough air for everyone so someone has to die. He tells Kenneth that there's a gun in the emergency phone box and it has one bullet. Doesn't take Kenneth one sec to grab the gun and try to shoot himself. The right thing isn't always the easy thing indeed.
    • When Jack explains it was a test and there weren't any bullets he than tells someone to choke him out with his belt.
  • In the series finale, it's Lutz' turn to pick the restaurant, and he chooses Blimpies, which the rest of the writers despise. In spite of every attempt made by the other writers, he's able to act several steps ahead in order to make sure that he gets to pick. Later, Liz gets fed up and locks him in her office and orders Cerie to order sushi and cakes. He escapes to the vent and lands on the writers' table where all the food was placed. Liz resignedly tells Cerie to order food from Blimpies
    • Keep in mind, it's not that Blimpies is terrible - the crew just don't like hero sandwiches. Lutz's previous pick, Subway, was derided as well.
    • It's probably that they hate Lutz for ordering something cheap and ordinary, when they could be having something better, since it's on the company.
    • Though it could also just be that the entire staff hates Lutz in general - after all, they DID spend the entire run of TGS laughing at his expense.
    • His Who's Laughing Now? speech.
  • "Aunt Phatso vs Jack Donaghy": Tracy backs Jack into a corner regarding the villain in his latest movie, who is named after Jack. He ruins Jack's night out by arranging for the New York Philharmonic to play nothing but the theme from Sanford and Son, and finishes by forcing Jack into a Sadistic Choice: If Jack stops production on the movie over a libelous scene in which his character shuts down an orphanage, the film's proceeds won't go toward an actual local orphanage, and it will be shut down, thus, no libel. Jack admits the move was a stroke of genius.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome for Liz. In Jackie Jormp-Jomp, she fought her way out of a fight club with only a couple of minor facial wounds afterword.