%%!! The musical
!! The movie
* The Lion attacking the weird puppets that came after him and his friends. Without this moment of courage, they'd all have been dead, or at least captured by the witch.
* The Emerald City color change dance scene. It's flashy, flamboyant, and colorful.
!! The TV special
* The Cowardly Lion dancing with the poppies until he ties them up in their own vines.
* The Emerald City Vogue scene. It was one of the most unexpected and most talked about moments of the 2015 production.
* Unlike the play and the movie, Dorothy doesn't need anyone to prompt her to exploit Evillene's weakness against water. Dorothy just grabs a bucket, dumps the water all over Evillene, and watches the liquid destroy the witch.[[note]]To boot, this hews a little closer to ''The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'', in which Dorothy doused the Wicked Witch without anyone prompting her. Except, Baum's Dorothy didn't know beforehand that this would melt the Witch, and only wet her in an attempt to retrieve the Silver Slipper she stole.[[/note]]
* The costumes were all pretty amazing too. Glinda's glowing dress, the green citizens of Oz, the terrifying Winged Warriors and Kalidahs. The Scarecrow was so well done he bordered on the UncannyValley. The costume designers have said they wanted to look to be more film quality as opposed to stage quality. It shows.