Awesome / The Wind and the Lion

  • When U.S. Marines storm the Bashaw's palace. The Bashaw himself gets some credit for the cool way he takes this, but the best is the Marine captain leveling his sword at the Bashaw's face, introducing himself, and adding:
    Captain Jerome: And you, sir, are my prisoner.
    Bashaw: You are a very dangerous man, Captain Jerome ... and your President Roosevelt is a madman.
    Captain Jerome: (with a huge grin) Yes, sir! (Snaps a salute with his sword, and then sheathes it.)
  • Raisuli rescuing the Pedicaris family from a band of fifteen or twenty desert bandits—single handed. Not content with merely picking them off from 4-500 yards using his Mauser's iron sights while on horseback, he draws his sword and charges in to polish off the last three or four up close and personal.
  • A family friend in the beginning calmly picking off attacking Berbers...until he runs out of bullets.
  • At the end of the film, Colonel Von Roerkel has Raisuli in the sights of his Mauser, and is about to shoot him, when Raisuli raises his sword. With a wry grin, Von Roerkel holsters his pistol, draws his saber, and the two have a wonderful swordfight.