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Awesome: The War Comms
  • Pretty much any and all pwnage of Missy and Gordon, no matter how small.
    • One notable instance: During Cassie's intro, Gordon told her to "learn her place before he put her there with his fists". Cassie immediately put him in his place with a little armchair psychoanalysis. Even the socks she'd previously pissed off with her snobby character bashing thought it was cool.
  • Syrius rising up and slapping Trisha for insulting Molly. Keep in mind, Syrius is timid, self-effacing and non-confrontational and Trisha is merciless in her bullying of the less secure socks.
  • Cassie's recent transition from full-time elitist bitch to Jerk with a Heart of Gold, especially during the Syrius incident in which she laid the smackdown on Essie and later Angela for what they did.
  • Chrom laying a smackdown on Esmeralda.
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