Awesome / The Veronicas

  • Hook Me Up being their first rather well deserved No. 1 in Australia.
  • Untouched hitting the charts after them working America for three or four years. Going Gold
  • Performing unheard songs live in America in the middle of 2011 for their fans. Before that doing a gig of new songs in 2010. Continuing all the way up to 2013!
  • Following fans and saying happy birthday to fans on twitter.
  • Hook Me Up being relatively ahead of it's time.
  • Managing to come back and have a chart topping single after a SEVEN YEAR absence. It was feared they'd be forgotten by the time they came back due to the wait. For reference, since their international breakthrough and dropping off in 2009, Justin Bieber's career began and basically ended. One can only imagine how big they'd be if Death on Mars was released in 2010 like they planned it to be.