Awesome: The Urthblood Saga

  • When Alexander challenges Mina to a friendly archery competition, commenting that she doesn't have to worry about keeping up with him, Mina replies that she wouldn't try to compete at his level, and then requests that they try to shoot for speed as well as accuracy, starting with trying to prepare an unstrung bow before shooting at the target. When they start, it turns out that her bow has iron clamps at the tips, allowing her to snap the string into place while Alex is busy tying up his. She then proceeds to fire a dozen arrows at the target in less than a minute, all of which hit the bullseye, and three arrows are cleft in twain by another landing atop on them. Alex doesn't even manage to get his bow ready, and simply sits speechless at the display along with the rest of the Redwallers.
  • Overlapping with Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, Machus saving the deeply wounded mousechild Cyrus, whom the Redwallers thought were beyond help, using using new, advanced healing techniques previously unknown at the abbey. This is the event that truly earns the fox acceptance and respect by the abbeydwellers, and deservedly so.
  • Winokur stepping in between Urthblood and Log-a-Log, whose troops are about to attack each other, and ordering them to step away from each other and laying down their arms, saving them from a bloodbath.
  • The final battle in The Crimson Badger contains several moments, most of them the relevant character's last moments:
    • Captain Perrett getting his leg cut off, but still managing to sneak up on and slay two Long Patrol hares before he's killed.
    • Lieutenant Satterfield remaining defiant against Urthblood's orders to surrender, even though it means his certain death.
    • Jans taking the spear meant for his friend Broggen.
    • Alexander saving Winokur by putting an arrow through the eye of Major Safford.
    • Sergeant Traughber managing to kill Halpryn in mid-air and surviving.
    • Machus sacrificing his life to save Urthblood during his final duel with his brother. For the badger's part, him managing to drive his sword in between Urthfist's jaws despite having had his swordpaw cut off is pretty damn impressive.
  • Winokur putting Clewiston down for his childish antipathy to Broggen when they are to travel to Redwall together.
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