Awesome / The Untouchables

The 1987 movie

  • When Oscar charges into the fray against the gangsters on the bridge. For an accountant with a gun, he looked very badass.
  • Odessa Steps homage scene. Also Pop-Cultural Osmosis - the average modern moviegoer will probably know this scene from The Untouchables rather than Battleship Potemkin.
    • The original script featured a train crash but due to budget restrictions, Brian De Palma opted for the Odessa homage.
    • When Ness and Stone are about to enter the station, they open the doors at the same time. It's a small moment but the perfect timing makes it look very Badass.
  • Ness' last words to Capone in the court room. After a scene with Capone declaring that a fight should be fought to the end to truly see the winner, Ness essentially turns his own words back on him, and caps it off with a positively epic "There endeth the lesson," line whilst grinning triumphantly at the mobster. Cue Capone needing to be held back by his entire crew.
    • The whole scene. From the judge deciding to change the corrupt jury to Capone's lawyer doing a Heel–Face Turn because it's a lost cause to defend him.
  • Ness throwing Nitti off the roof of the courthouse to his death while saying, "Did he sound anything like that?!"
  • Jimmy Malone, a veteran, wise and tough street cop of Irish ancestry who is very pissed with Chicago's corruption and is portrayed by Sean Connery. Truly Oscar worthy.
    Mobster: You gotta warrant?
    Malone: Sure, here's my warrant. (Punch in the belly)
  • Ness dealing with the corrupt alderman and his bribery.
  • This theme courtesy of Ennio Morricone.