Awesome: The Untouchables

The 1987 movie

  • When Oscar charges into the fray against the gangsters on the bridge. For an accountant with a gun, he looked very badass.
  • Odessa Steps homage scene. Also Pop-Cultural Osmosis - the average modern moviegoer will probably know this scene from The Untouchables rather than Battleship Potemkin.
  • Ness' last words to Capone in the court room; After a scene with Capone declaring that a fight should be fought to the end to truly see the winner, Ness essentially turns his own words back on him, and caps it off with a positively epic "There endeth the lesson," line whilst grinning triumphantly at the mobster. Cue Capone needing to be held back by his entire crew.
  • Ness throwing Nitti off the roof of the courthouse to his death while saying, "Did he sound anything like that?!"