Awesome / The Troll Hunter

  • Hans is unquestionably badass. But not even Chuck Norris would have had the balls to stand up to a Jotnar troll. Even better, he kills it. He doesn't even flinch when it turns to stone and crumbles around him like an avalanche.
    • Even better, this is the exact type of troll that all the other types are scared shitless of, to the point of fleeing their territories at the very idea of one going on the rampage.
  • Whenever a troll dies. Be it turning into stone or exploding, trolls have some of the coolest deaths ever put on film.
    • The trolls in general look impressive, appearing like John Bauer illustrations brought to life.
  • The very fact they got Norway's prime minister to cameo at the end. In days when low-level filmmakers struggle to get cameos from celebrities, this is pretty awesome.
    • Actually, the prime minister appears in footage from a real interviewnote  that's been impressively spliced with new footage of an actor reacting to his comments. With that said, most of the actors, particularly Otto Jespersen as Hans, are high-profile Norwegian comedians, which is a feat itself.
      • Yes, but the very fact the footage was used with his consent, (in an age where politicians aren't normally open to appearing in films) is awesome enough.