Awesome: The Troll Hunter

  • Hans is unquestionably Badass. But not even Chuck Norris would have had the balls to stand up to a Jotnar troll. Even better, he kills it. He doesn't even flinch when it turns to stone and crumbles around him like an avalanche.
  • Whenever a troll dies. Be it turning into stone or exploding, trolls have some of the coolest deaths ever put on film.
    • The trolls in general look impressive, appearing like John Bauer illustrations brought to life.
  • The very fact they got Norway's prime minister to cameo at the end. In days when low-level filmmakers struggle to get cameos from celebrities, this is pretty awesome.
    • Actually, the prime minister appears in footage from a real interviewnote  that's been impressively spliced with new footage of an actor reacting to his comments. With that said, most of the actors, particularly Otto Jespersen as Hans, are high-profile Norwegian comedians, which is a feat itself.
      • Yes, but the very fact the footage was used with his consent, (in an age where politicians aren't normally open to appearing in films) is awesome enough.