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Awesome: The Thing from Another World
  • The Thing shuts off the heat to the base in the middle of a night-time blizzard, but Hendry quickly figures out that the alien is setting a trap and refuses to send anyone out to fix it. But it also means the humans have to hurry up with a solution to killing The Thing before the cold kills them...
  • The final confrontation in the darkened hallway, as the humans lure The Thing into their own trap.
  • The scene in the beginning where the rescue party tries to uncover what appears to be a crashed airplane...
  • Their attempt to kill it with lots and lots of fire doesn't work but looks very awesome and dangerous.
  • As the group readies for one final battle against the Thing.
    Lt. McPherson: This is no joke... What if he can read our minds?
  • The team opening a door to find the Thing right behind it. A Jump Scare that's still just as effective today.
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