Awesome / The Thing from Another World

Awesome Moments from the 1951 film:

  • The Thing shuts off the heat to the base in the middle of a night-time blizzard, but Hendry quickly figures out that the alien is setting a trap and refuses to send anyone out to fix it. But it also means the humans have to hurry up with a solution to killing The Thing before the cold kills them...
  • The scene in the beginning where the rescue party tries to uncover what appears to be a crashed airplane...
    "Holy cats! We found a flying saucer!"
  • Their attempt to kill the Thing with lots and lots of fire doesn't work but looks very awesome and dangerous.
  • The final confrontation in the darkened hallway, as the humans lure The Thing into their own trap.
    • As the group readies for one final battle against the Thing.
    Lt. McPherson: This is no joke... What if he can read our minds?
  • The team opening a door to find the Thing right behind it.

Awesome Moments from the comic series:

  • In Climate of Fear, Agapito nearly gets infected, so how does he stop it from spreading? By cutting off his whole arm with a machete and jumping out the window!
    • Agapito jumped out the window to escape when the other people in the base came into the room and he realized they were all Things. He escaped because they stood there and commented on his actions rather than attack. It's implied that cutting off his arm took the Things by surprise and he used that to escape.
  • In the same series, Childs who had become a Thing, infects MacReady's blood sample to make people think he's infected.