Awesome / The Sorcerer's Apprentice

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The whole original soundtrack is awesome and fitting for the scenes it has, and as a plus, there's the song from Mickey Magic on Fantasia.
  • Even though it's pretty much expected, you still have to give them credit for including a possessed "cleaning" scene, as a shout out to the original Fantasia.
  • Nicolas Cage, who never met a role he couldn't ham up, giving a surprisingly subdued, straight performance. Alfred Molina is the real Large Ham here. Just the fact that someone managed to out-ham NICOLAS CAGE is too awesome to comprehend.
  • The living broomsticks scene. One of the most legendary animated sequences in history brought to live-action, and it looks great.
  • Which object is used to save the world at the end of the movie? A mop!
  • Balthazar might drive like crazy, but damn he knows how to get out of a mirror world spell.
    • Balthazar's car itself is a rather impressive looking vehicle (when it's not in the form of a Pinto).
  • Dave vs Morgana. If not for the fight itself, then for the awesome special effects.
  • Dave's Tesla Coils playing Stevie Wonder and OneRepublic.