Awesome / The Simping Detective

  • His intro episode, when confronted by ninjas, after having killed them all and is dead to rights by a woman with a katana, he tells her that some friends stuck a tracker on him. She asks him what his point is. Pulling out his badge, he calmly states "I told you. Comes right after the Jack."
  • Pulling a Big Damn Heroes for Judge Dredd by blasting his way into the Grand Hall of Justice with his Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits.
  • After years of being unable to get rid of each other through means fair or foul, Jack puts a bullet into Daveez's head.
  • Jack Slipping a Mickey to Daveez at the end of Crystal Blue. It's done with such subtlety that you'd have to read the relevant panel twice to notice it.
  • The Reveal that Jokers to the Right was the same storyline as Judge Dredd's The Cold Deck and Low Life 's Saudade.