Awesome: The Silmarillion

The Silmarillion is packed with so many moments of concentrated badassitude & awesomeness that it's hardly possible to list them all. Some of the more prominent ones are:-

  • The first and greatest one: Tolkien had worked on this series for DECADES before he finally published it after more than 50 years. Chronicling the entire history of a literary universe, it shows just how dedicated Tolkien was to his work.
  • The arrival of Tulkas the Strong.
    So came Tulkas the Strong, whose anger passes like a mighty wind, scattering cloud and darkness before it; and Melkor fled before his wrath and his laughter...
    • And when Melkor finally fights Tulkas, Tulkas wrestles him into submission.
  • When Morgoth shows up at FŰanor's house, the latter spurns him with, "Get thee gone from my gate, thou jail-crow of Mandos!". And the book points out that he slams the door in the face of the most powerful being in the world.
  • FŰanor managing to fight against almost all the Balrogs at once, ignoring the flames enveloping him and his bleeding wounds.
  • L˙thien infiltrating Morgoth's fortress, then putting him and his entire army to sleep thanks to her magic.
    • L˙thien and Huan also overthrow Sauron's castle.
      In that hour L˙thien came, and standing upon the bridge that led to Sauron's isle she sang a song that no walls of stone could hinder. ...Then Sauron yielded himself, and L˙thien took the mastery of the isle and all that was there... L˙thien stood upon the bridge, and declared her power: and the spell was loosed that bound stone to stone, and the gates were thrown down, and the walls opened, and the pits laid bare.
  • Huan the Hound of Valinor. He betrayed his villainous masters and rescued L˙thien, he slaughtered Sauron's werewolves and then defeated Sauron himself, saved Beren from Celegorm & Curufin, and in the hour of his passing, took down Carcharoth,the greatest wolf to ever live.
  • Fingolfin challenges Morgoth to single combat and manages to seriously wound the dark lord before dying. Seven times he injured Morgoth, rising time and again after being smashed to the ground, and when Morgoth crushes him for the final time, Fingolfin permanently cripples the Dark Lord's leg. Not to mention the fact that when Fingolfin was riding to challenge Morgoth, he projected an aura of pure rage so terrible that Morgoth's entire host mistook him for OromŰ of the Valar and fled.
    • Thorondor, the chieftain of the Great Eagles of ManwŰ not only swoops down and steals the High King's body from Morgoth's own hands, but also rakes Morgoth across his face!
  • Finrod fighting and killing a werewolf with his bare hands.
  • The Dwarves of Belegost proved their mettle during Unnumbered Tears, by halting Glaurung and his dragon brood in their tracks where not even the mightiest of the Eldar or the Fathers of Men could, and they actually manage to wound the Father of Dragons with their terrible greataxes.
    • When Glaurung crushed down the Dwarf Lord Azaghal, he drove his dagger into the beast's belly even as he died, sending it screaming back to Morgoth, basically saving every other elf or human warrior from a fiery death. Yes, he made a dragon fly away with just a dagger.
    • And as a sign of how dangerous dwarves are when avenging their kin when the Dwarves gathered up Azaghal's body and marched from the field for his funeral their fury was so great that none of Melkor's army even bothered to get in their way
  • At the tail end of the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, Morgoth sends his army after Turgon's host. H˙rin objects. With a battle axe. He holds the army off for so long that the axe ended up melting before he was brought down and yelled "Day shall come again!" every time he killed.
  • T˙rin killing Glaurung, the source of much of his suffering.
  • One of the first things Haleth did on entering Beleriand was to Curb Stomp a band of orcs.
  • Ecthelion and Glorfindel's exploits during the fall of Gondolin, The former managed to bring down Gothmog himself, while the latter made it possible for some of the citizens to escape by slaying another unnamed Balrog. Both of the elves perished in the process.
  • Eńrendil, having sailed to the land of the Valar to beg their aid against Morgoth, returns to Middle-Earth in his flying ship at the head of an army of gods, angels, and giant eagles. His ship leads the air assault against Morgoth's flying dragons, and he personally slays the "greatest of all dragons", Ancalagon.
  • Ar-Pharaz˘n's army was so powerful that Sauron's servants ran away from them in terror, and Sauron had to surrender to him. Of course, it was more complicated than that, but still...
  • Facing defeat at the hands of Ar-Pharaz˘n, Sauron concocts a risky Batman Gambit. After surrendering and letting himself to be taken back to N˙menor, through charisma and his silver tongue, he eventually became one of Ar-Pharaz˘n's closest advisers, which let him turn the N˙menˇreans from being God's chosen to worshipers of Melkor, offering human sacrifices in the name of the first Dark Lord. It all ended in Sauron convincing the now old King into using N˙menor's huge army to literally take the heavens by assault, and in return cataclysmic divine punishment was inflicted upon N˙menor, of which only those few faithful survived. Of course, the victory came to Sauron at a hefty price (he lost his body when N˙menor sank, and was unable to take a fair form ever again), but it still worked in the end.
  • Ar-Pharaz˘n and the Great Armament sailing against Valinor. Even though you know it's going to end poorly, and that the N˙menoreans have already fallen so far, it's hard not to feel a sense of pride (the N˙menoreans still being Human and all) at this line: that hour the trumpets of N˙menor outrang the thunder.
  • The invasion of Valinor itself; both the Valar and the Eldar alike had no confidence in victory against Ar-Pharaz˘n and his army.
    • That was not it. According Word of God, the Valar could not punish or coerce Men because they are under Eru's direct authority. Since they were not authorized to stop the Numenoreans, they opted to retreate and let The One deal with them.