Awesome / The Scar

  • When we finally see Uther Doul activate the Mightblade. Additionally, when he orchestrates Armada's turning back from the Scar.
    • Which is arguably less awesome than his apparently having orchestrated their going there in the first place, as well as the resistance. And then there's his big showdown with the Brucolac...
  • The Scar: Uther Doul puts down a vampir rebellion without breaking a sweat. Villainous, very sad, but at the same time totally badass. Also, pretty much everything Uther Doul does. Ever.
  • Most of the battle between the New Crobuzon Navy and Armada is decidedly somber and sad, with the exception of the end, where Armada in a final desperate last stand loads up it's fleet of tugboats with gunpowder and rams them into the Dreadnaughts. Turning the tide of the battle and making sure that even if Armada isn't unscathed, the city would not be sunk.
  • Every single fight involving Uther Doul is exceptionally cool. Even Bellis notes that where the rest of the fighting is brutish and depressing, Doul's fights are beautiful.