Awesome / The Savage Dragon

  • A meta example. Image's early days were known for terrible artwork, forgettable characters, and supplying us with a ton of lame anti-heroes. Savage Dragon has not only survived this, but actually lives on as one of Images most popular titles.
    • Not only that, but Erik Larsen has been writing and drawing the character in an ongoing monthly series since 1993 and holds the record for such a feat.
  • A particularly popular moment comes from a crossover with Spawn. God and Satan are battling it out, with God finally turning the tide, leading to this. "Don't fuck with God!"
  • Issue 156. A fight between Emperor Krull and Darkworld Dragon that lasts the entire issue. Literally, Larsen made a point to make sure that the fight was happening on every damn page. Many buildings are demolished.
  • The recent Dragon War and Emperor Dragon storylines were rather intense, having Dragon killed and revived as Emperor Kurr, who proceeded to curbstomp three quarters of the cast and even slaughter the entire population of Earth. A 'clone' of Dragon manages to finally finish him and manages to convince Darklord to give him a chance to save the world. Move back to a few issues ago when Kurr is giving his Puny Earthlings speech, which is quickly interrupted by Dragon who just blows his head off. Problem solved!