Awesome / The Rundown

  • The opening, Beck is just trying to collect a debt from a professional football player (who he greatly admires!). Having approached the player in a club, he gets a drink thrown in his face before looking round to see that half the team has surrounded him. Sighing, he explains that they can do this the easy way or the hard way they choose the hard way. Cue one guy beating up seven or eight huge athletes with ease.
    • A small one minutes before: Arnold Schwarzenegger walks by Beck as he's entering the club and tells him to, "Have fun."
  • Christopher Walken's performance. You truly haven't lived until you've heard this man say "Oompa Loompa".
  • Everything from when Declan wanders into town and gives his speech and plays the bagpipes to Hatcher's death radiates testosterone and awesome
  • "Knappmiller! You have two options! Option A: You give me the ring. Option B: I make you give me the ring."
    • "I'll take Option B!" (Beck punches goon and retorts: "Wrong answer.")
  • Beck vs. the Rebels and the end fight scene.