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Awesome: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
  • Early on, the book states one of the troubling flaws of democracy: people who enjoy power for its own sake, or love the limelight of public attention, are those most likely (but not necessarily most suited) to end up in charge of any vote-oriented system. It states this in four ways (ending by summarizing the summary of the summary: 'People are a problem.') Much further on, we discover that the Galactic government found a way around the problem that is, if not flawless, at least free of the usual difficulties: appoint somebody Crazy Awesome to be The Man Behind the Man.
    Ruler of the Universe (to his cat): When the men come to ask me questions, kitty, do you think they are singing songs to you? Perhaps I merely think they are asking me questions, and they actually are singing songs to you. (Beat) Perhaps I'd like another whiskey. Yes, that seems more likely.
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