* At the beginning of ''Comicbook/SecretWars2015'', with the Ultimate Universe crashing into Earth-616 and both realities seconds away from ceasing to exist, Frank [[https://primaryignition.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/gaish-tumblr-com.png casually strolls]] into a bad guy bar and just gun down Wilson Fisk, Norman Osborn, and Bullseye, among others.
* During the ''Comicbook/{{Daredevil}}'' arc "The Devil, Inside and Out," fellow vigilante and occasional ally Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil is slowly breaking down while imprisoned at Ryker's Island. Frank is sitting a diner reading about Murdock's almost Punisher-like activities in jail. Deciding that Murdock needs a reminder of who he is, Frank gets up, heads outside, and casually breaks the neck of a pimp beating on one of his prostitutes, advises the girl to get clean and out of the life, and surrenders to a nearby police officer. Just to go help Daredevil.
** Later, during a prison riot intended to kill Daredevil, Frank calmly waits reading a book in his unlocked cell for DD to come get him...though any thug that dares take a run at him ends up in a pile of bodies outside the cell. He subsequently uses the riot to break himself and Daredevil out...by pretending to hold "helpless" blind lawyer Matt Murdock hostage at gun point, simultaneously springing them and creating a little more doubt that Murdock is Daredevil (which he's on trial for).
* Frank jumping out of a plane without a parachute from 35,000 feet up.
** That's nothing. Frank has jumped from [[spoiler: a nuclear missile, with a rescued child.]]
* Frank's BigDamnHeroes moment in ''Comicbook/{{Shadowland}}'' event, saving several Marvel superheroes from an [[ItMakesSenseInContext evil]] Comicbook/{{Daredevil}}
-->'''Frank''': ''[[VerbThis Kung-Fu this.]]'' (Opens fire on Daredevil's ninjas [[MoreDakka with a machine gun]])
* The "Confederacy of Dunces" arc (Creator/GarthEnnis's finale to his Marvel Knights run of the Punisher) is one long [=CMOA=] for Frank. Comicbook/{{Daredevil}}, Comicbook/{{Spiderman}}, and Comicbook/{{Wolverine}} decide to team up to [[HeroAntagonist bring the Punisher to justice once and for all]]. Frank just [[CurbStompBattle outsmarts the trio at every turn]] with a series of {{Batman Gambit}}s culminating in him unleashing Comicbook/TheIncredibleHulk on them. After the Hulk incapacitates Daredevil and knocks out Spiderman and Wolverine, the Punisher goes to the man without fear and points out that this is how far he had to go ''[[WouldNotShootAGoodGuy not]]'' [[WouldNotShootAGoodGuy to kill them.]] When Daredevil counters with a WhatTheHellHero at Frank unleashing the Hulk, Frank responds by saying that he found an unconscious Bruce Banner and fed him stew with [[WhyAmITicking C4 hidden inside it and then detonates it]], knocking out the Hulk by forcing him to turn back into Bruce Banner to escape the pain of a huge stomachache. The Punisher then says one last HannibalLecture to Daredevil before leaving:
-->'''Frank''': "You want to stop me murdering criminals by taking me off the streets. That's stupid. Send me to prison and [[CardboardPrison I'll just kill everyone I meet.]] There's only [[MurderIsTheBestSolution one way to stop me]]. You know that. [[ThouShallNotKill If you haven't got it in you to do it]], don't waste my time."[[note]]Ironically enough though, as the "''Welcome Back Frank''" example of Daredevil's SadisticChoice had already showed that yes, Daredevil ''can'' have it in him to do it.[[/note]]
* Issue #3 of Creator/GregRucka's 2011 mainstream series comic cements his reputation as '''[[BadassNormal THE BADASS NORMAL]]''' of the Marvel universe, with him facing off against the new, red-costumed AxCrazy incarnation of The Vulture, who gave even SpiderMan trouble when he faced him. After being snatched up by the psycho's talons and having a crazy prolonged mid-air battle, [[NoKillLikeOverkill Frank finally ends him by ramming his combat knife into his chest and throat numerous times]], resulting in both of them falling into the streets of New York with The Vulture dead and Frank [[EyeScream losing an eye]], some broken ribs and a leg. And you know what? He just keeps on going after a few months of healing.
** Later in the same series, Frank goes undercover at an AuctionOfEvil. When, after allowing himself to be captured, he escapes and kills the overly-confident thug who was trying to beat some information out of him...
-->'''Dying Thug''': ...who...''who are you?''
-->'''Frank''': Die '''curious'''.


* ''Awesome/ThePunisher2004''
* ''Awesome/PunisherWarZone''

* [[http://youtu.be/bWpK0wsnitc #DIRTYLAUNDRY]] is one of these in both what happens in the movie and its existence in of itself. Just...watch it.