Awesome / The Philip DeFranco Show

  • Phil's Reason You Suck Speech on a kid who tweeted at Child Protective Services to make a false allegation against Phil, taken from the 6/22/2016 episode the day it happened.
    I talk about it in this video, 1) because you guys ask me but 2) does anyone know Mark's parents? I'd just like to have a conversation with them about their child who threatened myself and my son. I'm asking to talk to your parents because I don't want to "beef" with a child. Little boy, do you realize what a big deal that you were trying to contact child services on someone because you did not like their tweet? And that said tweet was commentary on a big, notable person online using his fans' love to spread hate? "And if you help hate and try and suppress that thing maybe I'll even talk to you on camera ♥"