Awesome / The Patriot

  • "My sons were better men."
  • How about the culmination of Martin's Batman Gambit? A British officer walks in, carrying a dummy: "One of our captured officers, milord." Cornwallis = pwned.
  • Benjamin and sons to the rescue!
    • And when Ben nails a soldier in the forehead with a tomahawk from twenty paces. Said soldier was holding a knife to Gabriel's throat.
  • "I'm here now of my own accord."
  • Cruel? Evil? Preceding an indisputable Moral Event Horizon? Sure, yes, and of course, but most villains wish they could deliver a line as marvelously cold-blooded the one Tavington drops here:
    Mr. Hardwick: "But, you said... we'd be forgiven!"
    Tavington: "And indeed you MAY! ...But that's between you and God."
  • Villeneuve before the final battle.
    "If I die, I die well dressed."
  • "A shepherd must tend his flock. And at times, fight off the wolves!"
  • The panoramic shot of the British charging after Martin's supposedly retreating militia...only to see the Continental Army formed up behind the hill. The resulting volley of musket and cannon fire devastates the British.
  • The shot of the Americans and their French allies laying siege to Yorktown, where Cornwallis finally accepts that the "rabble" and "rustics" are far more than what he believed them to be and that the Crown's dominance in America is over.
  • Though he is a villain, Tavington holds his own quite well against the legendary Benjamin Martin at the end and very nearly wins too.
    • Earlier, there's his "Why wait?" to Martin's blunt promise to kill him before the war's end. In spite of his underhanded and cruel measures, it shows that Tavington is by no means a Dirty Coward, and that if Martin is going to have his revenge then he'll damn sure have to work for it.